First assignment

Posted on 19/01/2018 @ 1:52am by Ensign Sanel Nex

Mission: Frontier Searches

The newly commissioned Science Officer couldn't have been more proud of himself. Ensign Sanel Nex was a last minuet transfer to the USS Hephaistos and this ship was huge. He had already gotten lost twice trying to find his quarters. Sanel was nervous, but the one thing he could remember was deck thirteen, science lab one. The young Trill was to report to the science lab at six thirty in the morning.

"Finally" he said out loud to himself as he surprisingly found his quarters. He punched in his authorization, which was something else he could remember and the doors slid open. "Well this is more than I expected" the young man said with a smile on his face, taking in his first quarter assignment and tossing his duffle bag on the bed.

Sanel decided he would send his parents a quick message to let them know how excited he was. He started the message on the very small console located in his quarters "Mom and Dad, you are never going to believe how big the ship is. My quarters are much nicer than everyone said they would be back at the academy. I guess I just got lucky or something" he said with a smile popping down on the bed he continued on for about twenty minuets and ended his message with "I miss you two". Then with a giggle in his voice said "Ensign Sanel Nex signing off" and tapped in the code to send the message to his parents.

Dinner was next on his mind and he ordered up a nice meal from the replicator and looked over some things that he had been sent from the ships science department. He would get to work under a research scientist for a few weeks until he would be assigned something to work on. He knew he had a few morning meetings and then he would get to work, so he decided to get some shut eye. After a quick shower and changing to something more appropriate to sleep in the young Sanel ordered the lights off and slipped into bed.