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The Chat

Posted on 07/01/2018 @ 9:55am by Ensign Simon Hunter & Ensign Isobella Greer
Edited on on 07/01/2018 @ 2:51pm

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Corridor- Uss Hephaistos

After leaving the Captain, Simon had accepted the position of Assistant Chief Engineer and now that some of the responsibility for a department had gone, he could relax. As he continued down the corridor he spotted the one person he didn’t want to see; Ensign Greer. After all these past weeks, all the rumours that had gone round the ship, he felt uncomfortable as the tall blonde woman approached him with a grin.

“Morning Handsome,” she said looking at him with a twinkle in her eye, “I thought you were in your office,” as she came to a stop in front of him as she brushed some of her gold locks from her face, she finished,” So, what’s up?” as she placed her hands on her hips.

Simon replied,” I’m no longer in Strategic Operations and have been transferred to Engineering and I’m on my way there now,” looking at her, he continued,” and these rumours about us have to stop Liz, we are not a couple” as he crossed his arms. He finished,” and I’m not happy one bit about it so I want it stopped.”

“Now hold on a minute there mister,” she replied looking at him, she continued, “We have been sharing a bed for the last six weeks and you haven’t moaned about that have you,” as she turned away from him “For that you can sleep on the couch,” as she was now in a mood a mood that would make those around her feel like they had upset her.

“So we share a bed together Izzy,” replied Simon looking at her, “but I do want to have female friends here,” as he came and stood behind her he finished,” and not have them think that you’re going to tell them to stay away from me, “as he turned her to face him and let her look back at him.

“You’re still on the couch tonight,” replied Liz looking back at him as she still was not sure what he was on about so she decided to ask him “ You mean to say that when the other girls here want to talk to you,” she looked back at him, she finished,” they think they have to ask for my permission?”
“Yes they do,” replied Simon looking back at her, he continued,” And that’s not all the Captain now knows about our living arrangements,” as he looked back at Isobella for a moment and knew that she was not going to take the news very well, he continued, “He is going to be speaking with the Quartermaster about the issue,”

“So, what you are saying is that your trying to get us split up?” replied Isobella as she gave him a glare that said it all, she continued, “Look, if this has been a mistake in the bunks then fine,” looking at him, “But to get away from me that’s another matter, “she finished still keeping her eyes fixed upon him.
“I want you to have male friends Izzy, “replied Simon looking at her,” He continued,” and I want you to enjoy yourself have fun with the girls,” as he knew that all she had done was gone on shift and then after returned back to their quarters. He stated, “Can we finish this later as I need to check in with my new chief,”

“Fine,” replied Izzy as she stomped off in her foul mood as Simon watched her go, he knew that later he would have to try and calm her down, but what he wanted was to meet other women and enjoy their company and see if Izzy was the girl for him and not just take it for granted. He headed towards the nearest turbolift to take him to main Engineering.


Ensign Simon Hunter
USS Hephaistos


Ensign Isobella Greer
Security Officer
USS Hephaistos


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