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What have I done wrong

Posted on 07/01/2018 @ 12:57am by Captain James Warrington & Ensign Simon Hunter

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Simon's Office


Simon had been in the main Strat ops office writing up his mission report so far which included the battle report and the report that had Lieutenant Reed's name in his bad graces after the Lieutenant failed to follow Simon's directions, However; he did follow his own agenda and lucky enough everything worked out fine.

He leaned back in his chair and sent the report upstairs to the captain and wondered what Lieutenant Reed had said about him and he knew that the senior officer had said in passing that he would see to it about making his life difficult in Starfleet, Just then he heard a ping as a text came up on his screen. it was from the Captain asking him to report to his ready room. he thought ^ what have I done now?^ as he rose from his chair and headed out of his office.

Just out of a meeting with his new Chief Engineer and pleased with how it went James had called Hunter to his office. The Ensign had done well in his role in Strategic Operations and even though it had been a short time it would look well on his future career track. James however suspected that Simon would rather be somewhere else and had made plans if his suspicions were correct. When his door buzzed he opened it from his desk and told the Ensign to take a seat.

As Simon took his seat, he asked," you wanted to see me Sir?" as he straightened his uniform before sitting down, this started to worry him the Lieutenant Reed had kept his promise, he looked back at his commanding officer wondering what he had done wrong.

"Don't look so worried Ensign. I wanted to have a chat about your time in Strategic Operations and how you think it went," the Captain told him. "So. How do you think it went?"

He thought ^ Oh go its a review^ as he looked back at Warrington, He said," Well, Sir, it was an experience I can learn from," as he looked back at him, he continued," it was a challenge that was put in front of me and I hope I didn't let you down Sir," as he leaned back in his chair, He hoped that he was in the Captain's good books. he finished "Apart from Lieutenant Reed disobeying your orders sir," as he mentioned the Portland's own Strat Ops Chief.

"I wouldn't worry about the Portland. You relayed the instructions correctly and Lieutenant Reed and his Captain decided that from their position something else was a better option. In a battle that happens and all we can do is react," Warrington contemplated. He was all to aware from that engagement how green some of Starfleets Officers can be, those that didn't fight the Dominion 20 odd years ago at least.

"Anyway focusing on you I think you did a good job. Not amazing but you weren't trained for that role. Under the circumstances you did the job well and managed the pressure," James told him. "Now we are back at dock however we have some new crew looking to transfer on and if your interested Engineering could do with a hand. Something a bit more in your ball park."

As Simon started to relax a bit and had praise for the job he had done, he said "Thank you Sir," as he wondered about the offer, He asked "What position would I have Sir?" as he hoped it was not just a general Engineering Officers post. Also this sounded like a demotion from a Department head position to that of just a lowly Ensign, but here he was waiting to find his fate.

"You've proven you can handle some pressure and work with people. So if your interested the spot of Assistant Chief of Engineering is yours," the Captain offered the Ensign.

Simon looked back at the Captain and yep it was a demotion to assistant chief, but it was a chance to learn, He asked," Sir, if I may ask a question before I accept it?" as he wanted to know if this was going to look bad upon his service record. James nodded for him to go ahead.

"Is this going to look bad up on my Record coming down from a DH spot to an Assistant?" he asked looking back at the officer in front of him, he wondered what he had to do to prove him self to Captain Warrington

"Not at all. You stepped up to fill a gap on that ship that was needed and when it was no longer needed you moved back to your area of expertise having gained more experience in," James answered. "So certainly speaking as a Captain I'd take you with an extra knowledge over someone who didn't."

Simon replied," Then I accept the position Captain," looking back at the Senior officer, He knew this was where he was meant to be, even if it meant stepping down to a assistant chief spot he was still here and not running home.

"Excellent. Your new Chief came on board a little while ago so when you get a chance check in with her and good luck Ensign," James said to the man before him.

"Thank you Sir," replied Simon looking back at him, he asked "Sir, what about my quarters that I have with Ensign Geer?" as he hoped that would not change at all.

"Nothing will change there," James reassured him. "If theres nothing else Ensign I have no doubt your new boss will have work for you."

"Sir, Ensign Greer is a female officer that I have had to share a bed with for the last 3 months," replied Simon "and I have been meaning to bring it up with you, " He stated looking back at his senior officer. "However; she now thinks of us as a Item," He finished as he knew this sounded a bit harsh.

James frowned visibly irritated. "So what you shared a bunk with her for 3 months, didn't want too and this is the first you've bothered to do anything about it?" he asked.

"Sir, what with the battle that we had and the planning of it and everything I didn't think ," explained Simon as he looked back at Warrington and continued," That it was the right time to mention it," as he leaned back into his chair.

"And what about the other 2 months and 28 days Ensign?" James further asked. "A battle cant excuse those."

"I didn't know how to approach you about it Sir" replied Simon as he dropped his head in shame, he continued," she thinks we are an Item now and has told the girls in her department to stay away from me," as he looked back up at the Captain. He finished," I cant have any female friends Sir,"

James laughed partly at the absurdity of the situation but also in amazement. "You need to talk to the quartermaster about that one not me. But I'll speak to him when he gets back from sorting our new supplies on the planet and have him find you. Ok?"

"Aye Sir," replied Simon looking back at his commanding officer, He continued, " I'm sorry again Sir, it won't happen again," as he knew he had to speak with Isobella about it and knew that she was not going to be happy.

"I'd like to think that it wouldn't. If there is nothing else now then you are dismissed Ensign," James stated giving the impression he was done with this meeting.

Captain James Warrington

Ensign Simon Hunter


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