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Return to Iota

Posted on 04/12/2017 @ 3:43pm by Captain James Warrington & Ensign Ronald Baxter

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Bridge

The trip back to Iota was relaxed for the crew of the Hephaistos and her Hirogen passengers who had managed not to start any fights and only cause minor injuries to themselves. After receiving permission to enter a standard orbit Ensign Baxter gently positions the mammoth ship before locking in the orbit and sitting back in his chair. "Standard orbit set Sir. Helm controls locked in place and Iota reports that a shuttle is on its way for our guests."

"Good," James replied simply. "Open a channel to Captain Thompson and put it on the main screen," he instructed deciding this call could be made in public.

Baxter nodded and after a moment John's face appeared on screen. "Captain Warrington. Welcome back to Iota. It seems you've had an eventful trip."

James notice the near rank pips very quickly and smirked. "That we did. The rest of our group is holding at the asteroid base conducting repairs and the Hirogen delegation will be with... you?" he said indicating his uncertainty, "shortly once the shuttle arrives."

Shaking his head the Admiral smiled, "Nope not me. Captain Haught of the USS Lantau has taken over as 37's CO so you will be reporting to her from now on," he informed Warrington.

"So then Admiral. Where did they find a spot for you in the Admiralty? Chief of poop deck scrubbing or perhaps Chief coffee bringer?" James jested to his old friend while the rest of the bridge sat jaws dropped at their Captains remarks.

"You cheeky sod," came the reply amoungst the laughter. "No nothing as glamorous as that. They decided to make me Chief of Fleet Operations. I know right?" he added seeing the look on James face.

By this time the bridge crew had relaxed as they realized a clear friendship between the two. "Well that was unexpected. Congratulations but I hope you know what with you going to outlive most of us that thats a slippery slope," referencing the Admirals El-Aurian species.

"Oh don't I know it. Anyway. We have had some interest in populating the civilian section of the Hephaistos now things are more settled. Renovations will take place this week so your crew I'm sure will look forward to having those R&R facilities on board," Thompson informed the Captain.

"Excellent. I'll let you get back to your Admiraling then," James said. "I've some new crew arriving that are going to be appearing to badger me soon."

Chuckling to himself John replied, "I hear you. Thompson out."

On the bridge the staff were struggling to contain their amusement at the exchange. Looking around the bridge James smiled before addressing Baxter again. "Inform all department heads shore leave is granted and to set up a rotation. One week and we set off again folks so use it wisely," he added standing and walking to his office.


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