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Bolian boarding

Posted on 06/01/2018 @ 11:41pm by Captain James Warrington & Lieutenant JG Un'nara

Mission: Frontier Searches

The Bolian Engineer had been given a few days leave once she had arrived in the Delta Quadrant. The blue skinned woman strolled through the hall of the station and wondered how things had been for the Federation since they reentered the quadrant. Of course she wasn't given access to the information, but would find out soon enough.

As an Engineer she found Iota Command a rather impressive facility, state of the art in every way. She just hoped she didn't get reassigned to the station on the repair team. "Here we are" she said out loud not really to anyone as she reached her temporary quarters and made her way inside.

(Several days later)

Un'nara carried a PaDD with transfer orders and a small duffle bag over her should as she made her way to the docking area and made her way onto her new assignment. The Hephaistos was huge and quite impressive, she had managed to snag the ships specifcations and found herself quite impressed. Taking a few moments to drop her belongings off at her quarters she wanted her next stop to be meeting her new CO and then get down to Engineering and start working on her new baby.

Not long after leaving her quarters she found herself stepping off the turbo lift and onto the bridge. Taking a deep breath and adjusting her uniform as she made her way to the Captains ready room, she pressed the chime and awaited permission to enter.

Buzzing entry James was sat reading resupply reports. "Lieutenant Grab a drink and a seat," he said looking up briefly. "I hope you like being creative with repairs."

Un'nara sat the PaDD on the edge of the CO's desk and took a seat "Thank you sir" she offered a smile and continued "I've become rather creative in getting things done."

"Good. Supplies have been slow coming into the quadrant. Thankfully we have the luxury of being high priority and having our own industrial replicators so it helps," he informed her.

With a hint of excitment to her voice and a smile on her face "Good to know Captain". She knew the ship was huge, but wasn't aware that they had such replicator technology.

"Part of what makes this class of ship so unique is her ability to stay away from dock for extended periods of time whilst having enough space for labs, civilians and a sizable military suite," James continued. "In light of that you arguably have the biggest job and also the biggest department on the ship to go with it."

That made the shy Bolian a little nervous, but she was used to having a lot of responsiblity. "I understand sir" she said with a slight nod. The Engineer was very excited to get started in the ships engineering bay and see if any changes need to be made.

"Your not alone here of course. I'm an engineer by trade to use an old expression and I believe I have an assistant Chief for you," he told her smiling hoping that would relax her a bit.

"Appreciate that sir" she paused and smiled "sounds like we may need all the help we can get down there."

The Captain shrugged his shoulders and gave a somewhat mischievous look, "Ehh depends how much damage I do to the ship. So. I wanted to ask your opinion while you were here." He passed the padd across the desk to her, "Since Ops and Engineering overlap I'd like to put Ops under your preview. As you know it's basically powergrid management and what not."

Taking the PaDD and glancing at the information. "I always wondered why they were seperate departments myself and I wouldn't mind keeping an eye on things if you'd like."

"It's primarily a station issue since they have so much power draw from the civilian populace as well as other more... sanitary issues shall we say. Even on a ship the size of the Hephaistos though it's not needed," he added. "Anything else you need before you get to work?"

"No sir" the Bolian said "Anything else for me sir?" she asked standing up.

"Yea. Take some time to get settled. There are plenty of support staff on here as well," James added. "Well then. Good luck Lieutenant."

Un'nara gave a quick salute "Thank you again sir, I look forward to getting started." She gave a nod and started toward the exit.

Lt. JG Un'nara
Chief Engineer

Captain James Warrington
Commanding Officer


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