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Armed Escort

Posted on 15/12/2017 @ 3:06am by Captain James Warrington & Commander Tracy Henderson & Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald Jr

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Port Docking bay
Timeline: 3 Hours after battle.

"Alight Thompson. I'll get my XO and Chief of security to join me and we will get underway as soon as we are able too. The rest of the fleet will stay and help with cleanup and we will also transport back casualties," James told his superior. "See you shortly John."

"You too and safe home James," Thompson replied before closing the channel and leaving James alone in his office.

Standing and tapping his comm badge he started towards his quarters, "Commander Henderson and Lieutenant Mac Donald report to the port docking bay in 20. Dress uniforms please," he instructed.

Seamus had been in his office going over the details of the battle to see where he and his department could improve. Considering this was the first big battle they'd had, he was impressed with how well everyone on board worked with each other across all departments. He was just finishing up where he wanted to increase training and opening a file for him to discuss with engineering when the call came in from the captain.

"You bet, Captain, see you in 20." He replied as he headed to the sink to freshen up a bit and throw on the spare dress uniform he kept in his office. Once he was happy with everything, he headed to the docking bay.

He looked around quickly and walked over to the captain. "Good day, sir." He said with a nod.

"Ah Lieutenant. Your going to want to have a few more folks on patrol until we get back to Iota and a couple extra guards at key locations. I'd talk to miss Hayward about borrowing some of her people," James informed his head of security.

"Understood, sir." Seamus replied. Tapping his comm badge, "MacDonald to Matherson, go to security level 3, please. I'll get additional personnel from the marines once I finish up here and talk to Hayward."

"On it, sir." Matherson answered quickly.

"Hopefully there will be no grudges here since we managed to avoid shooting our new... friends," Thompson commented.

"Hard to say definitively until we get the preliminary meet and greet over with, but I have a feeling we'll be good as we proved ourselves to be worthy adversaries." Seamus said.

Tracy joined the Captain and security Chief at the air lock. "Hello Captain, Lieutenant." She didn't like wearing dress uniforms but obviously this was something important.

"Ah Commander. I figure that the Lieutenant has guessed it but if not so you both know, we are escorting a delegation from the asteroid base to Iota Command," he James informed them. "They should be docking any moment."

"Docking procedure complete." came the monotone voice of the computer.

Tracy stood ramrod straight and whispered to her Captain. "Here we go."

"I can guarantee this is gonna make the folks at Iota lose their minds," James hastily mused before the door in front of them slide open. "Welcome to the USS Hephaistos. I'm Captain Warrington and this is my Executive Officer Commander Henderson and my Chief Security and Tactical Officer Lieutenant MacDonald," James said introducing his crew, stopping for their guests to introduce themselves.

Seamus stood next to his senior officers and politely nodded towards the Hirogen delegation when he was introduced. While he felt this would be a peaceful meeting, his eyes were constantly moving from one member of the delegation to another, ready to defend/protect the CO and XO if needed.

The Hirogen Delegation stepped through the airlock and stopped in front of the small command team. "Thank you for your greeting Captain. I am Joranik. The is my assistant Linok and my companion Migroth."

"If you'd like to follow me we will walk you to your quarters. You are free to explore the civilian and guest sections of the ship and talk to anyone there but as I'm sure you'll understand main crew sections and secure areas are off limits," James informed their guests hoping that that wouldn't be a problem.

"Would your...what do you call them...holodeck? Be available?" asked Linok. "As a hunter I would still like to perfect my skills."

James was momentarily surprised at the request before remembering the Hirogens past with holodeck technology. "Of course. The safeties will be on to prevent death but you can reduce them so that it'll still hurt. I'll send note to sickbay to monitor them just incase."

Seamus saw the hint of a recollection in the Captain's eyes and, after a second realized it was the holodeck incident from the Voyager's logs that must have popped into the Captain's mind. He had secured a secondary transmitter in the hip of his uniform and discreetly tapped it twice. This sent a message to his team to monitor his location and have a team nearby. They knew this was a diplomatic mission, so they would stay out of sight unless directed otherwise.

As the delegation entered the room and the door closed James looked to the two officers beside him. "Well. Hopefully we won't be fighting in a fake world war two soon," he joked remembering that bit from the briefing. "Let's get underway and to Iota as soon as we can."


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