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Posted on 08/11/2017 @ 2:13pm by Commander Tracy Henderson & Captain James Warrington & Major Patrick Smith [PNPC] & Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald Jr & Ensign Simon Hunter
Edited on on 11/11/2017 @ 10:40pm

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Hirogen Engagement


Like all stratagems past present and future there were a lot of pieces involved in this gambit. With the prototype torpedoes ready and launched and the main bulk of the air group in space along with the Portland (Nebula), Portadown (Ambassador) and Holywood (Steamrunner). The small battle group was prepared and ready for whatever was to come. The plan was to begin with negotiations, followed up by shots across the bow so to speak with the prototype torpedos which would hopefully show enough superiority that the Hirogen would stand down. If that failed and James expected it might a full show of force with the battlegroup warping in was hoped to be the final shot in securing the base peacefully and neither James nor his counterparts on the other Starfleet vessels wanted a fight.

With his bridge crew all now present and accounted for James started signaling the fleet. "All ships. Remain in position until the signal is given. The Hephaistos is now proceeding to the perimeter of the Hirogen base. Good luck," he added closing the fleet wide channel. "Helm. Set a course to the Hirogen base. Tactical keep weapons and shields offline but be ready. Divert additional power to structural integrity for the moment."

Seamus looked over his controls and set the shields and weapons to standby so he could activate them quickly when needed. Nodding at the officer at the secondary tactical station, he knew the power would be deiverted to structural integrity within seconds. "We're good to go on my end, Captain."

"Very good. Helm engage," James ordered being met by a swift 'Aye Sir' as the ship surged forward. Since the fleet had moved into a position nearby it was a short trip to the belt where the base was located. As the Hephaistos dropped out of warp James was convinced every Hirogen out there had just spilled whatever their version of coffee was and would be getting ready for a fight. "Commander Henderson. Please signal the Hirogen that we wish to talk. All subspace bands."

Simon stood at his station making sure that everything was green and that his the probes that had been sent were still sending him all the data, He knew that from what he had learned that this race were fighters and sometimes would discuss things, and today was one of those days that they did.

Commander Tracy Henderson tapped a few controls on the small console beside her and the captain. "Hirogen Station. This is the Federation Vessel Hephaistos. Please respond."

With the comm hail went out it took but a moment for the Hirogen to reply to them. "Federation Vessel. I am the Commander of this facility. Explain this violation of Hirogen territory," The base commander snarled across the view screen.

"My name is Captain James Warrington. We have come to negotiate cessation of hostilities between the Federation and the Hirogen," the Captain informed his Hirogen counter part standing and walking to the center of the bridge as he did so.

"You make it sound like we are at war Captain," the Hirogen spat back. "All we have done is prey as we do. To challenge your Captains skill and yet you are the one who comes to our door with a fleet of vessels."

"We come prepared Commander nothing mo.... re," James finished as the viewscreen cut off mid way. "Tactical I assume that means they don't want to talk?"

Seamus gave a quick shake of his head as the viewscreen cut off. "I'd say so, sir. While we're making sure all of our bases are covered with bringing a few friends, they see it as our knocking on their door with a police escort, so to speak." He said as he turned his gaze to the Captain.

"Very well. Lieutenant signal our special delivery. Green light for asteroid targets," James ordered.

Seamus nodded in reply as he sent the order to dispatch the modified torpedoes. "Delivery away, sir." He stated. Two minutes later, the torpedoes detonated, sending various sized pieces of asteroids towards the base. "We hit our targets, Captain and the base has less than an hour before being bombarded by all of the asteroid bits we just created."

After a short pause the asteroid base weapons systems lit up and began to engage the asteroid debris already breaking the incoming chunks apart. The defense fleet however acted contrary to James's assumptions and ignored the debris headed to their base. Instead they began burning towards the Hephaistos. "Hmm. Whoops. Ensign Hunter. Signal the battlegroup. Have the Portland join formation alongside us and have the Holywood and Portadown warp in behind to catch anyone who breaks through. MacDonald coordinate with Smith for target priorities and have his fighters form a screen," the Captain instructed from his standing position in the center of the bridge. Pausing he looked round at the crew before walking to his seat and sitting pressing the comms button. "Red Alert. All hands to battle stations."

"Aye Sir," replied Simon as he sent a signal to the other ships as he hoped that the other ships responded and he knew that the other strategic ops would heed his orders, he then noticed the readout as he said," Captain, all ships received orders and are moving into position,"

"Yes, sir.". Seamus replied. Looking over the Hirogen ships bearing down on them, he quickly identified where the mighty H would be most effective. "Major, can we send your wings after the ships at theses coordinates while the H goes here?". He asked, sending his tentative plan to Smith's console.

Quickly looking over the plans on his fighter HUD Smiths adrenaline kicked in as his body realised it was go time. "Looks good. Squadrons one through four enter attack formation on me. Squadrons 5 and 6 stay in the battle line," he ordered as he punched his own fighter forward surging past the colossal hull of the Hephaistos. Looking over his shoulder Smith saw the squadrons forming on him.

On the bridge lights dimmed and klaxons sounding in the backround James was reading the wealth of information coming through the spare bridge panel he had moved too. "Ensign baxter roll 70 degrees to starboard and open a system with hail." Looking over his shoulder to see confirmation he spoke again, "Hirogen ships. This is the USS Hephaistos. You are out gunned. Leave the system immediately and we will assist in the evacuation of the base." Nodding the end of the message he added, "Set that on a loop Ensign. Lieutenant wait for them to fire on us first please."

"Understood, sir." Seamus replied as he placed his hands on the console, ready to move to the firing keys at a moments notice.

As the two fleets moved towards each other Baxter turned to the Captain, "Sir explosion on board the asteroid base. It's internal."

Looking a tad surprised James turned to Seamus, "Well that's new," he barely had time to say before Baxter interrupted again.

"Asteroid base is firing on the Hirogen rear guard... Sir it looks like some of the rear guard are also firing on the bases targets," he informed the rest of the bridge crew.

"Looks like Villanova was right. There are some in this system who see us as worthy. In that case all ships disabling shots only on enemy weapon systems. Let's not cause any more casualties than we need too. Fire at will," he ordered allowing Seamus to have discretion over the H's fire and Hunter to coordinate the other ships.

"Aye, sir". Seamus replied as he targeted the three closest Hirogen ships.

Simon sent word to the other ships to start flanking the Hirogen and only to disable and not destroy, as he knew that his orders would be followed otherwise he would have to report the Lieutenant for disobeying a direct order.

As both fleets opened fire, volleys of fire reaching across the expanse between them it was clear which side had the greater firepower. Phaser beams raked the shields of the Hirogen and between them fighters from both sides danced a song of death, weaving between fire both friendly and hostile. Behind the volleys of phaser fire came the torpedos ripping through the weakened shield and shattering the hull of the Hirogen ships.

The battle lasted just a few minutes with the Hephaistos and the Portland drawing the brunt of the fire. Thanks to her advanced shielding the Mighty H suffered nothing more than a few blown relays whilst the portadown seemed to come out much worse. As the weaponless Hirogen fleet left the system recovery efforts began to recover disabled fighters, ejected pilots and too stabilize the stricken nebula class.

Looking around the bridge at his crew who looked like they'd just breathed for the first time since the battle started James nodded too them. "Good job folks. Helm signal the asteroid base and see if they need assistance. Hunter have the Portadown and Holywood search the belt along with Smiths fliers for anything that might be hiding," he instructed.

Baxter sent off the message and brought the Hephaistos into a holding pattern alongside the Portland. "Sir message from the base. They thank us for the offer and want to report that they would like to meet with the Command of our forces in the Delta Quadrant."

"Captain Thompson will be pleased to hear that," James correctly surmised. "Very well pass them communications info to allow them to contact Iota. Everyone else stand down red alert and let's make sure our people are safe."



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