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Meeting the counterparts

Posted on 16/09/2017 @ 9:17pm by Ensign Simon Hunter
Edited on on 01/10/2017 @ 12:46pm

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Conference room

Now that the USS Hephaistos was now part of a task force with three other ships, the USS Portland which was a Nebula class, USS Portadown which was an ambassador Class and the USS Hollywood which was a Steamrunner class vessel. Now here he was waiting on his counterparts from each vessel, this was the first time he had to do this which was a learning experience for him as he sat at the head of the table in the conference room.

Whilst he was waiting for the officers to arrive he had time to look up their service jackets to see who was who, From the Portland he had Lieutenant JG Shawn Richmond who was newly promoted to his rank, Then came Lieutenant Trevor Reed from the Portadown who by all accounts had been overlooked for promotion several times and Simon wondered if he was going to be a problem.

Next was a Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Cox who was on the Hollywood who seemed to be the level headed one out of the three officers. Just then the door opened and the three Officers entered the room as Simon stood and said,” Welcome to the USS Hephaistos,” He continued as he waved them to their seats. “I am Ensign Simon Hunter,” as he took his own seat.

Lieutenant Reed looked round the room and face palmed his hand against his face as Simon finished,” We are here to discuss who is to be the Leader of the department for this mission,” as he knew that Lieutenant Reed didn’t like the sound of it being him, Simon looked back at the other two Officers in the Room.

Lieutenant Commander Cox replied “Thank you Ensign for the invite,” looking back at Simon giving him a smile as she gave the other two officers a glance and knowing that this could turn nasty against Simon being the lowest ranked officer here. She continued,” As for the leadership of this mission, I vote for Ensign Hunter,”

Lieutenant Reed replied,” Why the hell is it him and not you Cox, you’re the highest Rank here,” looking back at Cox as Shawn just sat there not saying anything, but waiting for a chance to speak As Simon knew that Reed didn’t trust him. Commander Cox responded in a lam manner “We all need to get experience some time of a Mission this size and Simon needs it, although I am willing to give advice to him if he asks,”
It was then that Shawn spoke up” We all had a time to do something like this Lieutenant,” As Trevor glared at him as if to tell him to shut the hell up, Simon responded,” Look Lieutenant the Hephaistos is the lead ship here and ….”

“I know that greenhorn, but you are not the one who’s leading it, I am,” replied Lieutenant Reed looking at Simon, He continued,” I don’t Care if the Admiralty stops my next Promotion, I know I can do the job,” as he rose from the chair. That was it when Simon lost his temper.

“SIT DOWN LIEUTENANT REED,” bellowed Simon He continued, “Whilst you are on my Ship you will do as I say and you will follow my Orders, Got it, “as he looked at the senior officer he finished, “Now Sit down,” as he thumped his fist upon the table and glared at the Lieutenant and not keeping his eyes off the man.

“You cannot talk to me like that little man,” growled the Lieutenant as he turned to leave the room, he said, any orders you give my department will not be listened to,” as he stormed out of the room and headed back to his ship. Simon looked back at the other two senior officers for a moment and then knew that he had to speak to Warrington about that officer.

“Sorry about that,” he said to the remaining officers.

Lt Commander Cox replied,” Don’t be Ensign that was the first sign of your authority that was challenged and you will get that from time to time and this time you passed,” as she rose from her own chair, she finished “and I will back you up Ensign when you need it,” as she looked back at the other Lieutenant who rose as well who said,” Speak to you later Ensign,” as they both turned and left the room.

As Simon watched the two officers leave the room, he started to make his report on the meeting for Warrington, but for now he had to talk with his own Section heads and to start making plans and getting the links set up between the four ships.



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