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Sharpening our Teeth

Posted on 21/09/2017 @ 11:40pm by Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald Jr & Chief Warrant Officer Zatix Hoten [PNPC]

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Shortly After Briefing

Once the briefing was over, Seamus decided to do a walk around of the ship to clear his head and let the information gleaned from the meeting sink in. All of the points brought up at the meeting were ones he found valid and wanted to do his part to make sure they were ready for anything. His thoughts kept going back to the torpedoes that had been briefly discussed. "Time to get my arse in gear instead of just wandering around aimlessly." Seamus muttered to himself.

Tapping his comm badge, Seamus opened up a channel. =/\= MacDonald to CWO Hoten, do you have some time to discuss modifying some torpedoes? =/\=

Main Engineering was busy. Lot's of people running round running diagnostics and checking systems were working correctly. Heck the entire ship was being taken apart and checked for the upcoming foray to the Hirogen base. The comm from MacDonald was a welcome distraction. "Ah Sir. I think I can help you there. We have a spare workshop down on the Engineering deck I can meet you in if you'd like."

Seamus closed the line and headed down to Engineering. He didn't venture down there often, so he was looking forward to spending some time in the heart of the ship. He strode in and was impressed at how everyone seemed to work well together. He looked around and saw Hoten. Walking over to him, "Mister Hoten, thanks for seeing me on such short notice." He said, extending his hand.

Zatix took the hand and gave a firm handshake back, "Oh I'm very pleased to meet you as well Sir. So how exactly do you need these torpedos modifying?"

Seamus smiled as he explained. "At the last senior staff meeting, it was brought up that it may be possible to program a torpedo to be launched while the ship is at warp speed and then have said torpedo cruise at warp until it reaches a set range at which time it drops out of warp to strike it's target. My skill set ends at the payload, detonation and guidance systems of the torpedo at sub-warp speeds. My thoughts are that you'll be able to tweak anything I can do to the torpedo as well as program in the warp idea. What do you think?"

The engineer pondered for a moment. "Ok let's pull up a holo of our current torpedos. Computer Display Quantum Torpedo model," he instructed as on a nearby worktable a holo projection appeared. "So the way I see it is your going to need to upgrade navigation software and package. Torpedos aren't designed to slow down after all. That of course means reducing payload too make room."

Taking a minute to look over the holo in front of them, Seamus winced slightly. "OK, while my preference is to maintain or increase the payload of our torpedoes, I can see and understand why the reduction is necessary. We've got 1500 Quantum Torpedoes in stock, but modifying all of them is not needed at this point. I think 25 is a good start and then we'll modify more as the need demands. Your experience here is greater than mine, so I'll follow your lead and help in any way you need me too. Where should we start?"

More thinking from the Engineer. "Well we can't do both. Are you familiar with earths world war two history. The Japenese specifically?"

"Since we're talking torpedoes, I'm going to assume that you're referring to their 90 series torpedoes with the subsequent revisions and not their kamikaze runs." Seamus replied with a knowing smirk. "I like the way you think, Zatix."

Seamus got a smirk in return, "Actually no. I am talking about the suicide runs," Zatix cheekily replied. Quickly realising he continued, "Oh of course I'm not suggesting we do that but I'm thinking specifically of the Ohka rockets."

Seamus furrowed his brow and looked up at the ceiling as he tried to remember the Ohka's. "Ah, right, the manned flying bomb. We can definitely use that idea to build off, making them remotely guided instead of having them manned, of course."

Zatix grinned much too widely, "Excellent. I was thinking if we use runabouts to launch the device, load them underneath like the rockets and fire them from warp. This way we don't need launch tubes and will allow us to modify the design as needed. Strip out the current maneuvering package and increase the payload while building a new propulsion system to mount onto the torpedo for breaking the warp field." He began to make rough modifications on the console to the torpedo projection. After a moment it updated. "A bit crude looking bit in theory that would do the job."

"Excellent idea. As long as they work, who cares what they look like." Seamus replied. "Let's get started, shall we?"

"We shall. Computer on original specs, remove outer casing and highlight propulsion and warhead suites," Zatix instructed. In front of them the computer began to peel back the layers of the torpedo before exposing and highlighting the requested parts. "Ok then, lets take these out first shall we," he mumbled as he began working away again on the console removing keys parts of the propulsion system. "We need to keep the guidance systems so I'm going to reroute the command lines like this to an external point in the hull above the computer systems," the engineer explained as the holo projection in front of them changed.

"Look here. Looks like we can fit in nearly three times the charge," Zatix observed pointing to the front of the torpedo. "Could always go tricobalt for that extra boom?"

Seamus' smile broadened as his eyes started sparkling. "I shouldn't get this excited over a torpedo, but I'm really liking where this is going."

Adding in the increased charge next Zatix furrowed his brow before reinforcing the front of the torpedo with extra bracing. "Don't want it to crumple under stress. Plus we are firing it into an asteroid belt and smaller particulate will stress the dampening fields. Do you want a timer or remote detonator?"

"Lets go with a remote detonator." Seamus replied. "There's less chance of it going off at the wrong time that way."

The engineer nodded setting up the detonate and linking it to the guidance and computer systems. "Ok thats the inside done. Rebuilding the casing," he mumble as he worked. "Right. Propulsion. Computer load up list of federation satellite propulsion packages on console 6," he instructed turning to the wall behind him.

Scrolling through Zatix eventually settled on a micro satellite design for orbiting ring worlds. "If the specs are right this is designed to avoid asteroids and debris. The idea being that occasionally in battles or even just collisions due to disturbances small rocks can break away from debris fields. It will allow you to maneuver the torpedo once the warp field collapses and guide it to target." He turned back to the table and continued working, stretching out and reshaping the general framework provided. "Looking good. Couple of power and fuel cells to make sure. Annnd last but not least some casing to protect the workings. What do you think Lieutenant?"

"Looks good to me. Once we get this one done, how long do you think it will take to get a few done so we have an inventory of them?" He asked.

"Maybe an hour or two for the first one. A quick test to make sure it works and then our fabricators can produce oh 2 an hour after that," Zatix replied. "I've saved the specs to the computer system so if you take nicely to Major Smith I'm sure he will let you borrow a flight simulator too practice with.

Doing the math quickly in his head, "So we'll say 15 hours including an hour for the test to get us up to 25. That's pretty damned good, Zatix!!" Seamus said, patting Zatex on the shoulder. "I will definitely take your advice and contact the good Major. I'm sure he wouldn't mind seeing these things in action himself."

"Well I'll get to the cargo bay and get too work. Have fun lieutenant," Zatix said with a grin before hurriedly scurrying out.

"Excellent. Thank you, CWO Hoten." Seamus said as he headed back to his office.


Chief Warrant Officer Zatix Hoten
Damage Control Specialist


Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald Jr.
Chief Security/Tactical Officer


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