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New team

Posted on 26/06/2017 @ 2:55am by Ensign Simon Hunter & Ensign Isobella Greer

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Simon's quarters

It had been quite a shock to find herself joining the USS Hephaistos as a Strategic Operations officer, but that wasn't all she was being sent for, She was being sent by SFI to keep an eye on Ensign Simon Hunter who she knew from her weapons class to be a very good shot. However; he had been assigned to Operations until word had been spread that the Captain had moved him to Strategic Operations.
But to keep an eye on him meant that she would have to seduce him which meant would and could lead to her marrying him, although she had noticed that he was handsome and funny, but to see him like she had to as she continued to head towards his quarters to meet with him. She also knew that the seduction would take months to gain his trust and working closely with him would help in that respect, However; if he found out that all of it had been a lie, then he would see to it that she would be transferred off the ship, but it was a risk, a risk that she had to take to keep him in a orderly fashion. Although she had to keep it from the chief intel officer of her real reason here, but she had no choice in the matter as she continued on to his quarters which also doubled as his office to report in as he was the head of the department or so she thought.

[Meanwhile in Simon's Quarters]

Simon sat quietly in his quarters listening to his music that was playing in the background as he relaxed after a long day, although he hadn't met any of his team yet, but that hadn't stopped him from looking up their service jackets as one in particular had caught his eye. Her name was Isobella Geer a Ensign that had been in his weapons class at the Academy, However; he hadn't known that she had been assigned here as she was intelligent enough in her intelligence classes and he had wondered why SFI hadn't taken her or maybe they had.

Suddenly his door chime went off, He said, " Come,"

As the door slid back to reveal the dark haired Female officer that Simon had known at the academy, She said," Ensign Isobella Geer reporting for duty Sir," as she came to a halt in front of him handing him a PADD with her transfer orders on.

Simon took the PADD from her and said," Welcome Ensign," formally as he sat on his sofa relaxing, He continued," Please Sit," as he waved a hand to join him on the sofa, As he watched her sit down He started to remember how good looking she was and how all the pilots had tried and failed to ask her out back at the Academy.

She replied," Thank you Sir," Taking the offered seat, She wondered if Simon had known why she hadn't dated the Pilots the main reason was that she had wanted Simon to ask her to the Academy Dances as he had shown that he was a gentleman and not pestered her. Now here she was under Orders to seduce him, the one guy she had wanted the right way but not this way.

Simon said," Last time I saw you was getting the Saratoga -C Assignment, What changed?" posing the question as he looked at her for some clue as to why she was really here, but Starfleet must have a good reason for it.

"I was," replied Isobella she looked back at him," Until they found out that the ship was being brought into dry dock for the next two years," she finished keeping her eyes on Simon, " So to get experience they sent me here," She knew that the ship had a co-ed policy which meant that she had been berthed with Simon but he hadn't noticed it yet. She finished," I'd better get unpacked," as she rose again from the sofa and moved to where she had placed her bag and picked it up and headed towards the bedroom.

Simon responded," Where the hell do you think you are going?" as he headed after her into the bedroom to watch her place the bag on the big double bed as he placed his thumbprint on her transfer orders. as he handed the PADD back to her, He continued, " These are my quarters,"

"Not now they aren't," replied Isobella as she unzipped the bag and started to take out her underwear and carry then to the dresser next to the replicator and opened the draw, She continued," its the Quarters that I have been assigned to, so get used to it Hon," she thought~ so now it begins,~ as she turned and watched Simon turn and head back into the living area as she knew that they had to share the double bed.


Ensign Simon Hunter
Strategic Operations Officer

Ensign Isobella Greer
Strategic Operations Officer


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