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A first meeting

Posted on 05/06/2017 @ 7:12pm by Ensign Simon Hunter & Lieutenant Celina

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Mess Hall

Simon sat in the mess hall still coming to terms with his new role, after all it was a shock to the system however; he had to meet with the Chief intel officer and get to know him or her. But he felt like he wasn't trusted enough, however a job was a job and this one had been assigned to him. As he picked up his cold beverage, Simon noticed the doors open and a Female Catian stood looking around the Hall as if she were looking for someone.

Celina knew what Ensign Hunter looked like as she had pulled his service record moments before making her way to the mess hall. She noticed him looking at her from a distance with a beverage in his hand and made her way toward him. "Greetings Ensign Hunter" the Intel chief greeted the gentleman.

“Ma’am,” replied Simon as he took a sip of his drink, He continued,” Please Sit,” as he took in the sight of the  female Catian, as this was the first time he had met one of the species. He finished,” May I get you a drink?” offering the Chief intel officer some chance to relax.. He thought to himself,~ Maybe this will be a good chance to get to know her,~ as he watched her take the offered chair.

"A white Russian would be great" the Caitian said. It was a drink with lots of heavy cream.

Simon beckoned over the waitress to there table finishing off the Cold beverage that he had as he knew that he had to get on with this Officer and make her feel welcome, the waitress said as she came to a stand still next to them. “How may I help you Sir?” as she stood waiting for the ordered drinks. “One white Russian and one Pint of Coke please,” replied Simon looking back at the waitress, as the young lady gave a nod and turned and left, he looked back at the Chief Intel officer that sat across from him, He said,” I forgot to ask your Name?” giving her a smile and continued to taking in the sight of her.

"Lieutenant Celina" she said with a smile and a nod of her head. "You are Simon Hunter am I correct?" she asked.

“That would be correct,” replied Simon looking back at her, He continued,” and Nice to meet you Lieutenant,” giving her a warm smile as she finished speaking, “I’m the new Strategic Operations officer here,” and he still was not sure what that meant. Although the Captain and the Major had said something along the lines like passing information between Celina and the Major and the Captain.

"Very good Ensign" the Caitian smiled at the waitress that brought the drinks. "I am sure you will do a fine job advising the Captain."

“Thanks, I needed that,” replied Simon as he kept his gaze upon the feline officer, He continued,” I have only just been given the post today,” as he finished talking the waitress appeared with their ordered, She said,” One white Russian and one Pint of coke,” placing the two beverages onto the table in front of them both. 

Taking a sip of her beverage "thank you" she offered the waitress and her fellow crewman.

"So tell me a bit out yourself?" asked Simon looking back at the feline officer as he picked up his own drink and took a sip of it, he knew that knowing her background from her and not some service jacket might help him understand her a bit more.

"Well I've been in Starfleet most of my adult life" she paused looking around the room and back at Hunter "My parents were both officers and I followed in their foot steps, but much of my life is classified." She shot the Ensign a look that was trying to tell him she couldn't really talk much about her service record.

"Well, this is my Second assignment", replied Simon looking back at Celina, He continued," I was originally the Chief Operations officer", as he picked up his drink and took a sip of the cold beverage. He finished," I was here only three days and this morning I got the Strat Ops job".

"Are you excited?" she asked with a smile. She wasn't sure what he was most suited for but someone thought it be best he switch positions.

"I am a little, However; I don't want to screw up", replied Simon looking back at Celina as he stretched his arms, He continued," I don't want to disappoint the Captain, the Major and your good self". as he knew that the three of them would be watching him.

"I'm sure you will do fine" she said offering a smile. "I will do my best to offer guidance and as humans say" she made quotes in the air "have your back"

"Thank you Ma'am", replied Simon looking back at her, He continued," And I will have your back", as he took another sip of his drink. as he held the glass in his hand, He finished," I promise that I will not let you down".

"Very good Ensign" she said with a toothy smile.

"Anyway Ma'am it was nice to meet you", Simon replied as he rose from his seat, He finished," I have to find my office and my station on the bridge as he was now nervous to say the least.

"I'll see you on the bridge" the Caitian said giving a nod.

Simon gave her a nod of his head and headed towards the exit of the Mess Hall.

Lieutenant Celina
Chief Intelligence Officer

Ensign Simon Hunter
Strategic Operations Officer


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