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The Blackbird

Posted on 24/05/2017 @ 10:54pm by Lieutenant Celina & Major Patrick Smith [PNPC] & Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald Jr

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Main Hanger Bay

In his office Pat was busy going over the flight plans for the mission. With very little intelligence to go on he unfortunately couldn't plan all that much. Quickly he fired a message to security inviting Seamus to join him and Celina on this mission figuring it'd be good to have someone who could shoot along as despite being a marine Pat was a very average shot these days.

Quickly changing from his Starfleet gear to his casual I'm totally not in the fleet look of jeans, leather jacket and black sunglasses he took off from his office across the hanger to his ship. When he got there he opened the hatch and entered pressing the console on the way to begin powering up the basic systems. First on the checklist was the weapons locked. Opening up it was as he expected stocked with several contraband starfleet weapons. Deliberately so of course so that if anyone ever captured one or were poking around they would aid the ships smuggler disguise.

Closing the locker back up Patrick made his way through the back of the ship to the cockpit and settled down in his familiar chair. Without looking he hit several buttons around the console bringing the old but definitely modified Peregrine Fighter online fully. As systems started checking in green he sat back in his chair, feet up on the center of the console and waited for Seamus and Celina to arrive.

Celina walked into the main hangar bay wearing a long black jacket and nothing but her brown fur under it. It wasn't long before she was pointed in the right direction and made her way into the fighter. "Major" she offered as a greeting as she approached the cockpit.

"Welcome Celina. Only rule on board here is that we aren't Starfleet. Grab a seat," he added as he pointed to one of the consoles behind the main pilot and co pilot seats. "That's secure and isolated. Button under the console is a purge button. It'll wipe everything on that station."

"Thank you Major" the feline took her seat and tapped into sensors. She knew they were rather limited in comparison to the ships, but as they got closer to their target location she would take close range scans. She also wanted to keep an eye out for any issues they may find along the way.

Seamus had just come out of the firing range when he received the request to report to the hangar bay. Looking down, he realized he wasn't in uniform. "Not the way I like to report in, but it'll do, I guess." He said to himself as he headed off.

Heading into the ship that a crewman had directed him too, he stepped aboard. "Good day, Major, Lieutenant." He said to each in turn.

"Same for you Seamus. We ain't in the fleet int his ship," Pat replied turning and smiling. "Ah good civvies. I forgot to send it in the memo. Grab the co-pilot seat and Ill explain the plan of attack," Smith offered as he reached to a button on the console. Pressing it all could visibly hear the door locking and sealing.

Taking his chair, he did a quick check and saw all was good. "So, what's the game plan?" He asked.

"Well your little heist turned up trumps. We got a cache of supplies in space and a forward base location. Unfortunately we just have nav points for the base and no stellar info or anything specific about it." He pulled it up on the viewscreen. "Since the FOB is what we came here for we are going to go take a looksie."

"Are you capable of maintaining your civilian fa├žade Lieutenant MacDonald?" ask Celina.

"Fair enough, sounds interesting." Seamus said. Turning to Celina. "All's good, Lieutenant, the fleet may be my life at this point, but I know when and how to shut that off if the situation calls for it."

"Glad to hear it. Now stop with the ranks please," Pat said with a head shake and a chuckle. "Your killing me. Back to seriousness though Celina I'll need you recording as much as possible and Seamus I'll need you too manage shields. Weapons are tied to helm because after all I'm a stick jockey," he joked to both with an unapologetic look on his face. "We've got 14 hours at maximum warp to get there so buckle in and stay away from my booze cupboard."

"Shields I can do no problem, Patrick, staying out of your liquor cabinet on the other hand ..." Seamus said with a wink.

Patrick gave a knowing look back, "Yea ok might be a problem for me too."

Celina almost let out a sigh "You gentlemen contain your self" was all she said and started making preparations to record all information.

"Alright." Seamus said with a brief smile, turning to his console he did another quick check. "We're good to go on my end."

"Alrighty. Blackbird to Hephaistos tower, requesting permission to depart," Smith relayed to what would have appeared to the uneducated thin air.

"This is tower. Blackbird you are cleared for departure. Good hunting Major," came the reply from a formal female voice.

"Roger Blackbird departing," Smith answered. Lifting the ship up there was a brief jolt as the ships gravity readjusted and slowly from its hiding spot by the door the blackbird quickly exited through the containment fields into space. With as minimal effort as one would expect Pat took them to warp and their field trip began.


Major Patrick Smith
CAG USS Hephaistos
"Definitely not in Starfleet"


Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald
Chief Sec/Tac Officer


Lieutenant Celina
Chief Intelligence Officer


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