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You Boss? Me Boss?

Posted on 05/06/2017 @ 11:44pm by Warrant Officer Constance (Connie) Hayward & Major Patrick Smith [PNPC]

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Marine Section

Meetings. Today was the day for them and Smith was glad to be getting to the last and potentially most amusing one. Since it wasn't often he was in his dress uniform he quickly made sure his Major pips were shining before heading down to the Marine CO's office. Arriving he knocked and waited for Hayward to see him.

Expecting the knock at her door to be one of her crew, Connie yelled "it's open" without taking her eyes off her computer. She got quite a shock when she realised it was Patrick.

"Major, I apologise I wasn't expecting you," she said as she kicked off her slippers and pulled her hair back into her signature pony tail.

"No need to apologise. It should be me doing so for not reporting to your when I came on board right away. I had to take a few detours with the Captain," Patrick replied taking a seat opposite her.

"It's alright, we were all busy once we got on board and things haven't exactly calmed down since then for most of us. What can I do you for?" Connie replied, indicating Patrick to take a seat.

"Checking in really. Since you are the Marine Commanding Officer after all," he replied.

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that," Connie replied with a laugh. "Wasn't expecting to get CO, so as you can imagine it was a bit of shock when I arrived and Warrington announced that I would be acting CO."

"Well I had a look at your file Hayward and honestly I agree with him. It's about time you got a shot at it," he stated pointedly. "I have high clearance," he added before she could ask how. "Comes with the rank and also my... extra curricular activities."

"That's very kind of you Major, thank-you. And dare I ask about your extra-curricular activities? I must apologise that I'm still getting acquainted with background files on all of the Marines," she added blushing slightly that Patrick knew all about her and yet she could barely remember glancing at his file.

"You won't find them in the files. I'm obliged to tell you as my direct superior but please understand it doesn't leave this room," Smith stated bluntly his facing showing his seriousness. "On top of being the CAG here I also work for Starfleet Intelligence as a black ops pilot."

"Of course Major," Connie replied in just as serious a tone. She wasn't used to her new position yet, and was still finding her feet - something she was sure Patrick could sense, however she was trying her damned hardest not to show it. "I take it then that when on black ops duties, you'll be granted 'leave' per say, with only a few people knowing your whereabouts?" Who was she kidding, she didn't have a bloody clue on what she was doing and this was just proving to her that she had a long way to go.

"Exactly. I'll try my best to make sure I let you know before I disappear if there's time but with those kind of things it's not always possible," he said to answer her. "On a more regular point," he continued diverting away from the super secret stuff, "I want to make sure your folks are good with combat boarding's. We have some decent troop transport pilots here but if your guys puke during turbulent manoeuvres then it's going to ruin everyones day."

"I'll assume if you're ever unreachable, that you've been called away," she replied, ending all conversation about his other position. "And I can't speak for everyone in being able to keep dinner down during manoeuvres. Though one would like to presume that they wouldn't have made it out of the academy in the positions they did if they couldn't handle a little bit of twisting and turning," she added light-heartedly.

"You'd be surprised," the Major said frowning at the number of stinky craft that've landed on his deck over the years. "I'll schedule some drills once I get back from a recon trip the Cap is sending me on. Other than that unless there's anything you want from me I think we are good to go."

"There's nothing that springs to mind for immediate attention, Major. But if there is anything that comes up, I'll be sure to let you know and try to reach you, unless you're otherwise engaged." Connie blushed as she realised what she said. "Y'know, on duties that we're not to know of," she hastily added to try and recover. Smooth one Connie she said to herself.

Pat smirked before carrying on. "Well then. I need to go on one of those special trips now. I'll be a day and a half or so and if all goes too plan you'll even get to hear about this one," he added. "See you when I'm back... Boss," he said with a grin as he stood and left.


Major Patrick Smith
USS Hephaistos
"Sneaking off on super sekret stuffs"


Warrant Officer Connie Hayward
USS Hephaistos
"Innuendo Bingo"


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