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Posted on 20/05/2017 @ 7:56pm by Captain James Warrington & Major Patrick Smith [PNPC] & Lieutenant Celina

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Intelligence Offices Strong Room
Timeline: After Seizure of Hirogen Vessel

A strong room. That was a polite term for it if not also accurate. Hidden in the Intel Offices of the Hephaistos this room was sensor proof, sound proof you name it proof. Add in the 1 metre thick armour plating and blast door and you had the one room on the ship a rescue crew were bound to find. Inside was a full decked out state of the art (lile everything else) holographic briefing room and intelligence computer suit. Inside were at present only the ships Commanding Officer and a Marine Major soon to be joined by their Chief Intelligence Officer. Outside the blast door stood two heavily kitted out marines who had seen the room but once. Having finished their polite introductions both the Captain and Major Smith awaited the new Lieutenants arrival.

The Caitian Intel Officer approached the door and the armed guards. She politely approached them and gave a nod, she could see them tighten their grips on the weapons in their hands. She assumed they did this if anyone they didn't know approached and she was new to the Hephaistos. "Lieutenant Celina, newly assigned Intelligence Officer" she gave one of the officers a PaDD in her hand and was allowed to enter her authorization code into the access.

Stepping inside Celina came to attention "Lieutenant Celina, reporting as ordered," she paused and glanced at both the men "sir's".

The Major stood and returned the salute while James waited until he was finished before saying, "At ease Lieutenant. No need to salute me especially in your own house. Grab a seat and welcome to the bunker."

The Caitian took the offered seat and with a slight nod toward James, "Thank you Captain." The bunker was state of the art, and the Lieutenant couldn't wait to find out what was planned.

"Introductions first. Major Patrick Smith our Air Group Commander here on board the Hephaistos, Lieutenant Celina you CIO as you'll have guessed," he informed them both clapping his hands together once and rubbing them together to signal he was moving on quickly. "A short time ago the H's crew captured a Hirogen patrol ship. On board was some intelligence which we've been digging through since. Most of it is of no use to us at present as it's too far away for us to deal with or even want to deal with. We do however have two points of interest. Here and here," he indicated on the holographic stellar map he had pulled up whilst talking.

Celina was making mental notes of everything the Captain was saying. She had only arrived in the Delta Quadrant hours ago, but was ready to assist from an intel point of view.

Smith took over at this point. "This one we believe to be an arms dump which is nothing more special and a freight module in space that they can dock and resupply at. This however," he said indicating to the second mark, "Is of much more interest to us. From what we have deciphered it is a command post post the Hirogen forces in this area. If this is accurate this is where they will be coordinating strikes against our transports from."

Continuing to make mental notes and take in what the two superior officers where saying. "Are we gathering further intel or making a strike?" the Lieutenant asked plainly.

"That will be ultimately up to you," James replied. "While this stick jock has higher clearance than both of us he is just here as your pilot and to lend his tactical expertise." He zoomed the map in on the Hirogen post. "While we know where it is... we don't actually know what it is at present. It could be a starabse or a planetary facility. What we were able to decrypt from the logs were from navigation and not sensor or Captains logs and it will be a day or two before Starfleet even begins."

"Very well" Celina said with a slight head nod "intel gathering that may lead to more" she looked at her CO.

"Sounds like a plan," Smith said nodding. "We can take a ship out and get some detailed scans of the area as soon as possible I think. Sooner we secure our space the better."

"I couldn't agree more, sir" was the response given from the newly stationed Lieutenant.

"Very good. Captain if you have no objections then I recommend the Lieutenant and I plus maybe someone from Security go out and have a snoop around," the Major suggested.

James nodded his approval and stood up. "If the Lieutenant has no objections then I believe the sooner the better. You need to report in to your MCO first though Major."

"Very well" the Caitian intel officer gave a quick nod.

"Excellent," Patrick added. "Lieutenant I'll meet you in the main hanger bay. Ask the deck crew to point you towards the Blackbird."


Lt. Celina
Chief Intelligence Officer

Captain James Warrington

Major Patrick Smith


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