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A Surprise new Job

Posted on 20/05/2017 @ 7:30pm by Captain James Warrington & Major Patrick Smith [PNPC] & Ensign Simon Hunter

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Simon had been sitting at the Ops station on the bridge and still not sure what was happening, His teams were all on standby for any thing to do, However; he had Ensign Turner check the supplies that were still in the cargo hold of Parts that should have been stored away for Engineering and themselves.

But he also knew that the weapons that had been brought on board hadn't been sent to the armoury and he wasn't very happy about that for a second, and made sure that Ensign Morrison did take them straight there, as he looked at the view screen and wondered what lay out here. But Simon didn't know what the fates had in store for him.

===== Captain's Ready Room =====

"When they said I was getting someone to lead the air wing with some experience and that I'd get on with them I should have known it'd be you," James scowled at the man across from him.

"Yea I'm not exactly thrilled either you old fart," came the sarcastic reply as both men laughed. "We both know you'd not have anyone else out here. Who else would do the shit I do?" Pat asked his new CO and old friend.

"Very true very true. You've got the biggest air wing in the fleet besides a station. Enough to keep you occupied?" the CO asked with a raised eyebrow knowing Smith would catch his meaning.

Getting a bit more serious Pat semi shrugged off the real meaning behind it. "More or less. But you know me Sir. I'm a man with his fingers in many different pies."

Sighing James nodded in acknowledgement. "Yea I figured as much. Unfortunately our department for that particular pie isn't very strong what with us not having a lot of intelligence for this area." He thought for a moment. "I may be able to get you a set of hands for that though. Plucky Ensign in ops who could do with some focusing. Can send him to strategic ops and then have him liaise with your air wings. Pass intel and battle info to you guys and keep us updated as well. Someone you can then borrow for your... pies."

"Seen him on the way in here I think," Major Smith replied. "Tell you what. I'll go get him in," he said hopping up from his chair before James could stop him. To anyone who didn't know him Patricks Marine Major insignia usually instilled some fear as he was hopeful it would now. Exiting the Captains ready room with a chuckling James still seated he stood on the bridge observing for a moment.

Snapping himself to attention he barked across the bridge, "Ensign Hunter! Captains ready room now if you will." Around the bridge several other crewmen noticeably jumped while one managed to throw his coffee over the decking. "Better pick that up crewman," Smith instructed the now rather red faced man as he waited for Hunter to join him.

Simon thought to himself, "what the hell have I done wrong," as he Vacated the chair and headed towards the Ready Room. This for him was something he hadn't bargained for. Was he going to be sent packing as he hadn't been here long enough to hold down roots yet.

As he entered the Room and came to a halt. He said," You wanted to see me Sir?" as he noticed the Major still in the room and then focused his gaze upon the Captain. As he finished asking the question another one formed in his mind as to why the Major was here.

James and Patrick both looked at each other before James spoke. "I did yes. Your being reassigned Ensign." He had debated making him sweat but this time decided to move quickly into the explanation. "Basically we are closing down the Ops Department on board. It's a redundancy which given the size of our engineering crew and our additional capabilities is not really necessary. As such we are moving you to Strategic Operations."

He passed a padd across the table to the Ensign with his new duties and assignments. "Since this is a more intense role your not experienced enough to lead the department on a ship of this side. But we do think your capable of being responsible for a chunk of it. Hence the good Major here."

"So what am I going to be doing Sir?" asked Simon picking up the PADD that lay in front of him as he knew that the Major was going to be teaching him the role and learn it backwards so that he could run it himself. As he also knew that his combat skills were high as anyone in his class, but this was a different kettle of fish.

Patrick took over at this point. "Your going to be the link between the bridge and fighter command. As my command center relay information to you you'll rely it to the bridge and vice versa. You'll also be responsible for making sure any intelligence on ship movements is reported to both myself, Captain Thompson and our resident spook." Patrick lent forward in his chair towards Simon when he finished that spiel. "Let me stress this now Ensign. Your being the link to the bridge for my command center means that if your slow, or relay information incorrectly or somehow just have a brain fart while doing so could mean the life of one of my fliers."

Simon stood looking back at the Major and knew that he was being thrown into the deep end to see if he could sink or swim. He replied, "so, let me get my head around it sir's" looking back at them as he continued," I'm a sort of liaison officer between the three departments," as he made it his first priority to get to know the layout and talk to the intel department.

"Liaison isn't the right work. You'll coordinate between fighter command and the bridge and make sure both fighter command and intel get strategic info passed to you by starfleet," Warrington replied. "Intel will combine that with information they get through their secured channels, which, generally speaking don't include much generalised ship movements. You'll make sure they get information relevant to our area of operations."

"I also want to add," Patrick interjected, "That you won't have intel security clearance. So don't poke too much. Also I may need to borrow you from time too time."

"Borrow me Sir?" Simon asked looking back at the Major as he guessed that he better get his flight status set up as he wanted to ask if at all possible if he could have sometime on the holodeck to understand his new job.

"Yep. Borrow you. You'll work out what that means later Ensign," Pat replied with a smirk in Warringtons direction. "Captain if theres nothing else we should go see Celina as soon as possible."

"Agreed. Dismissed Ensign," the Captain replied.

"Thank you sir for this chance," replied Simon looking at Major Smith, as he turned to head out of the door, he knew that his new job was going to be a challenge for him and wondered if his own staff were to be moved over to his new department or moved into Engineering. as he felt the major follow him out the room.

He turned to face the major and asked, "Sir if I may ask a question?" as the doors slid open to reveal the bridge he knew this was going to be a question that he wanted clarification on as it meant that information he was passing could be important and also was he to change his uniform.

Patrick fired a quick look to James again before turning round to the Ensign in his seat. "Yes ask away."

"Sir, If I am going to be handling intel then why am I not going to have clearance?" Asked Simon as he looked at the Major, He continued," as it Makes me wonder that you do not trust me," as he straightened his uniform and "what colour uniform should I have by the way?"

"Your uniform stays the same," James replied taking the question. "As for your clearance it's to do with the intel your handling. Your Ops role and Seniority in it cleared you for the intelligence that you'll be handling. The more high level stuff is only known by three people on board at present."

"Sir's, If I am to do this role, I would not be able to advise you without seeing it meaning the high stuff," responded Simon as he looked back at both of them, he finished," otherwise I can not do the job," He moved back inside the room once more, as he knew the things were going to be tough for him.

"As I said Ensign," James answered. "Your current clearance will get you all you need for this position. Your relaying ship movements to myself, Intel and fighter command. Anything else relevant to your job will be given to you as it becomes available."

"Fair enough Sir, But I would like it noted that if the shit hits the fan and I don't get it passed on I'm not to blame," responded Simon as he knew that if he were to get information late he didn't want the argument thrown at him why he didn't pass it on.

"Language when speaking to your Commanding Officer Ensign," James half barked at him. "Dismissed.

"Sorry Sir," replied Simon as he turned to head back out onto the bridge and head back down to where he was sitting before he was asked to attend here, but he didn't want the blame if things went pear-shaped, However; he had a new job to do, as he exited the ready room.

Once the doors closed behind him Patrick and James both looked at each other. With a shrug Patrick stood, "To the black box we go."


Ensign Simon Hunter
Strategic Operations officer
USS Hephaistos


Captain James Warrington
Commanding Officer
USS Hephaistos
"Shuffling the deck"


Major Patrick Smith
Commander of the Air Group
USS Hephaistos
"Borrowing some crew"


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