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Taking ones dues

Posted on 07/04/2017 @ 12:28am by Captain James Warrington & Commander Tracy Henderson & Lieutenant Odin Kriggson & Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald Jr & Warrant Officer Constance (Connie) Hayward

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: USS Hephaistos Docking Port

Having been pacing a new pattern into his still rather fresh office carpet Warrington was relieved to hear that the Hirogen ship had been secured and was done so without casualties. Sending an update to the Task Force CO he began firing more messages to his senior crew. One to both Hunter and Villanova to report to the Hirogen ship once it docked to begin repairs and data recovery respectively. A last message to his XO to join him at the starboard port along with a quick one to security because... well it was a Hirogen ship, James himself set off for the starboard docking ring.

Tracy sat in her quarters reading a book when the computer chirpped. "Commander Henderson, Captain Warrington requests your presence at the starboard port." the monotone voice called out.

She tapped her commbadge. "Acknowledged, I'm on my way."

Leaving the turbolift, Tracy saw the captain waiting at the starboard hatch. "Hello Captain," she said as she approached.

"Ah Commander. I have to say I did not expect to get this ship as intact as we have," James said turning to her slightly as she approached. "Can't imagine the crew of the ship are going to be happy either. Any ideas what to do with them?"

"Not off the top of my head I don't but the minute I figure something out I will let you know." Tracy heard about these Hirogen years ago.

"Have a look for some where nice and habitable. Worst case scenario we can maroon them with a distress beacon from the Hirogen ship," James added.

After receiving the port they were to dock at, Seamus pressed the button to open ship wide communications. "Thanks to all for your great work. Security and Marine personnel, please get the Hirogen crew ready for transfer once we've docked. Kriggson and Hayward, please take us around to dock at the H's Starboard docking ring."

Pressing the button to respond, Connie replied "All in a days work MacDonald," as she also began to get the Hirogen ship to move towards where Seamus had told them. "Meet you when we get docked," she ended with as she went back to fully concentrating on getting the Hirogen vessel docked correctly onto the H.

Odin for his part was making sure the core remained stable. It was a task and a half when you couldn't read the language and had only a basic understanding of the equipment keeping the ship from blowing apart. Fortunately the fundamental technology was the same as what he'd been working with for years, so in between the monitoring and adjusting the core never went above 60% power output and remained well in the green zone of operation.

On the H's bridge Baxter was at the helm and kept the huge Federation ship steady, his more experienced flying hands helping make Connies job a little bit easier. After a short moment of waiting there was a reassuring clunk from the docking hatch that Warrington and Henderson stood by indicating the docking procedure had been a success.

As security had now arrived to help secure the Hirogen crew James stepped forward and opened the hatch letting them ahead of the command staff. Tapping his comm badge James instructed the away team to meet them in the docking ring.

Seamus made his way to the docking hatch and stepped back onto the H. "Good day, Captain, Commander." Seamus said, looking at each officer as he spoke. "Lt. Kriggson and WO Hayward did an amazing job getting the ship up and running and getting us back here, sir, and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to get the job done. The Hirogen vessel is an interesting ship to say the least. I'm sure the Corps of Engineers and Starfleet Intelligence will have fun finding out what they can from her."

"I have no doubt about that. Ensign Villanova is going to take a look over her before we officially have to hand her over so anything you guys can tell her would be great," The captain added.

"Sounds like a plan, sir. In all honesty, now that the ship is secure and we don't have to worry about anything other than getting more information out of her, I wouldn't mind going back to focus on learning about their defensive systems, sir." Seamus said.

"To be honest, we lucked out. Hard. I didn't have to jury rig anything, and the engine core was just shut down instead of disabled." Odin explained. "With some translations from Loki I got the ship operational and mobile without too much trouble. Fortunately their engines aren't too much different from ours, and it all works on the same principles."

Listening as they both spoke James knew the value for the H's mission as well as Starfleets all too well. "You have permission to do what you need. Command gave me 12 hours to get her under way back along with a fighter escort."

"Thank you, sir. I appreciate it." Seamus replied.

"Then, with your leave Sir, I'll get back to translating and writing a how-to to flying that thing." Odin nodded.

"As they say time is precious gentlemen. I will let you get back to work," The Captain said standing to one side as security passed with some of the Hirogen crew who were none too happy to see a red uniform. Ignoring their snarls and curses Warrington turned again to his Executive Officer. "You don't fancy commanding this back to Iota? I'll send up our CAG to pilot it and between you and a couple of engineers you should manage fine."

"Sir." Kriggson said, before turning and heading back into the Hirogen vessel.

"Not unless you prefer to command it sir. But then again I wouldn't let you take on such a dangerous mission." Tracy said giving her CO smirk.

"As much as I am tempted too pull rank and say yes I want to take her back I've a lot to do here on the H. I'll have your pilot meet you here soon," James informed her stopping to watch the security procession again.

As security walked past with the Hirogen captives, Connie turned to Warrington "Sir, do you mind if myself and crewmen return to our posts? Full reports will be with you within a couple of hours."

James shook his head, "Not at all. Secure our guests first and then you can go stow you gear and get sorted."

"Thank you sir," Connie replied as she indicated to Neeson and Mcgregor to follow her orders.

When they got to the Marine deck and returned their packs, Connie called them to her office.

"Gents, thank you for your efforts on the away mission. It was an all round team effort for all involved. Like I said to Warrington, I want a report on your securing of any Hirogen. I'll add this in to my own report for Warrington."

"Now off the record, as soon as you get me the reports, you're off duty for 34 hours unless I call you for an emergency. Use the time to rest, relax and unwind. It was a relatively easy trip away but it's unpredictable out here and who knows when we'll be needed again."

"If you've no questions, you're dismissed."

"Yes ma'am" the men replied." Reports with you as soon as," they said as they stood and left.

As the men left, Connie went to the replicator as asked for a double whiskey. She wasn't normally a strong drinker but after controlling the Hirogen vessel to join the Mighty H she felt she needed it for managing not to crash.

Grabbing her drink, she sat down at her desk and began writing her report for Warrington, leaving spaces for Neeson and McGregor's reports.

Seamus headed back to the bridge of the Hirogen vessel and sat at the Tac station and input the translation program that Lt. Kriggson had generated. "Sweet Jesus!!" He muttered to himself, impressed by the teeth the vessel had. He verified that the the torpedoes were secured and then transferred the spec's for their shielding and for their sensors.

"Well, that's all I need for now to flush out my reports." Seamus said as he got up. Once he got back onto the H, he went to the nearest transporter pad and took the quick way back to his office to finish his reports.


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