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The Science of Stealth

Posted on 03/02/2017 @ 3:23pm by Ensign Krystel Villanova & Captain James Warrington

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: TBD
Timeline: Shortly after Meeting with Thompson

Meeting over and report filed with Starfleet Command over their short engagement James decided with the away team busy it was time to check in on his science crew. Replicating a replacement tea in a travel mug he sent a message to Ensign Villanova to meet him in her main Lab, curios to know what progress they were making in keeping the probes stealthy. Setting off he nodded to the bridge crew as he walked through and headed for the nearby transporter padd, something which was never going to get old.

Krystel was already in the main lab with her team. They where attempting to expand on the idea that was approved by the Chief Engineer. She saw the Captain beam into the space, she told her team to take a break. She had found a comfortable spot on a counter that was looking at the holo of a standard Federation Probe. "Captain how can I help you today?"

"Oh you know. The engineer in me can't help but offer a hand with the Chief busy. How are things going with the probe?" James asked.

Krystel crossed her exposed legs before she spoke. "We are looking to upgrade the dampening fields and installing holo-emitters to form as a chameleon field. We are attempting to expand on that idea before we start into a probe." She smiled at the Captain. "Any aid that you can give would be great, because my team has run out of fresh ideas."

The Captain nodded approvingly. "Sounds like a good start. How are you going to prevent the Hirogen from detecting the photonic signatures?" He asked. "From what I read of Voyagers reports the Hirogen seem adept at tracking them."

"Well the the dampening field would help, to a point. Now that we have a Hirogen ship under our control, we can study their sensor systems and then we can form a better probe chameleon field." Krystel said swinging her legs back and forth with a thoughtful look on her face.

"You'll have to priorities that. Once the main computer is downloaded to our own we have to send that ship back to Iota so it can ran over by them. Shouldn't be too hard however to modify one of our fighters sensor packages to the same style as the Hirogen so you can do some field tests," he suggested. "We have time to get this right after all."

"True, but the chief is over there, so he can get look at their sensor configuration." Krystel said. "So reconfiguring a Fighter or Shuttlecraft should be easy. Besides I look forward to tearing apart the Hirogen database to find anything new scientifically."

"Aye. Can you imagine the technology in there stolen from other races? It'll be a treasure trove of scientific, mechanical and stellar information." He smirked remembering his conversation with Thompson. "Keeps the big brass happy as well when they get presents like this ship. Means I can call in a few favours later on."

"So true. Keeping the Brass happy is a good way to move up the ranks too." Krystel said with a smile. "I'm sure that the Hirogen are going to be happy that they lost one of their larger cruisers. So everyone with a three week radius range of use is going to come and start hunting us." Then Krystel shot off the desk that she was sitting on and straight to the holo control console. "Computer access Hirogen database." The computer beeped and her fingers flew across the control interface. She seemed to be looking for something, then she stopped the data. The holo-image changed into a Hirogen probe. "Sir, I think that the Hirogen wont mess with their own probes. This is how we get around them destroying ours. Now we make a few modifications to the power systems and add a dampening field. What did you think?" She said looking at the Captain.

James raised an eyebrow as she spoke impressed at the idea. "That's a pretty brilliant theory. It's like a wolf in sheeps clothing, where the Hirogen just assume that it's one of theres. You could take it a step further and modify the power source to be hirogen and then that added power signature will help the ruse."

"No, no, no. Use a Hirgogen power cell." Krystel started to walk back and forth. Then she stopped and looked at the Captain. "Do you think the Brass would mind if we stole the Hirogen probes from the ship." Then her green face broke into a huge grin. "We have access to one of the ships and the command codes for their probe and communication networks. Why should we bust our arses trying to built or modify a probe." She starts to walk back and forth again. "We can build a computer virus and transmit it. This would allow us to tap into that network and keep us warned of ship movements."

"Possibly only a temporary fix. If they detect the virus we would lose our entire network and we would be back to square one." He paced as he spoke. "Our probes are basically an early warning system. We still need them but if you can get us that net we would be able to head off incursions before they ever get to the sensor net."

"True, true." Krystels said going back to her walking back and forth. "That would give us time to build a network of our own. Time to study. Time to modify. Time to see if they go after the probes. We have virus' already in the system. It would be easy to modify it into Hirogen. That should hide it longer." Then she came to a dead stop. "The probes and non manned communication stations would take longer to purge the virus then the Hirogen ships and manned stations." then she started walking around again. "Now if we could hijack one of the Comm stations and transmit the virus. Wait they wouldn't accept any communication from any other ship but Hirogen. Wait, unless we use the captured ships communication system." Then she breaks down into mumbling to herself trying to solve the problem and totally forgetting the Captain was standing there.

James smirked and propped himself up against a wall while she mumbled away to herself. It always made him happy when he got eager staff who were full of ideas, especially ones who can take one idea and make it several much better ones. After what felt like an age he decided to interrupt. "Ensign. Suggest me a final plan if you'd like."

"Oh! Yea!." Krystal said with a startled smile. "I would suggest that we modify several of the Hirogen probes to cover our operations. I still feel that we should up a virus into the Hirogen system to help until we get enough probes out."

"Very good. Make it so and make sure you get what you need from the ship once it's secured." The Captain stood straighter and started walking to the door. "I better make sure they are alright down there," he added as he left the room.

Krytel danced off to arrange to have the Hirogen probes beamed over so they can start making the needed modifications to it.


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