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Board and Commandeer.

Posted on 07/03/2017 @ 12:23am by Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald Jr & Lieutenant Odin Kriggson & Warrant Officer Constance (Connie) Hayward

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Hirogen Vessel
Timeline: Shortly After First Contact

Seamus nodded at the available Tactical Officer to take over his station on the bridge and headed towards the turbolift. He made a beeline for his office and pulled up the scans of the Hirogen vessel that had been taken while he was on the bridge. Documenting the coordinates he felt were the safest to beam over too, he spent the next few minutes looking over his roster to select those he wanted to join the Security Team. It didn't take him long to decide on WO Frenette and CPO Matthews as they were two of his best people. Before contacting them, however, he decided that a call to Marine Country should be his first priority. He appreciated the Captain's recommendation to contact WO Hayward as this away mission would be the perfect opportunity for their first joint mission together.

=/\= MacDonald to WO Hayward. We've been asked to take a team over to the Hirogen vessel, I'm thinking of a 6 person strike team, 3 from your team and 3 from mine. We'll also be having 1-2 members of the Engineering department to help us secure the Hirogen technology. How quickly can you get a team together? =/\=

Connie was on the Marine deck checking in with her team, when she got Seamus' message. =/\= Hayward here. I can have my team ready in 5 minutes tops. We'll meet you in the main transporter room. =/\=

Connie quickly called upon two of her best marines. "Neeson, McGregor, away mission to the Hirogen vessel. I need you at the main transporter room in 5." With nods of their heads, the two marines headed straight for their kit. Connie quickly made her way to her office and left a message to her second in command, before grabbing what she thought she might need, and making her way to meet the rest of the team.

=/\= Sounds good, thanks. =/\= Seamus replied. =/\= MacDonald to Frenette. Can you and Matthews meet us in the main transporter room in 5 minutes, please? Standard Tac gear for boarding and phaser rifles are a good idea. =/\=

=/\= You bet, sir. =/\= Frenette replied.

=/\= MacDonald to Lt. Kriggson. We'll have a team together in the main transporter room in 5 minutes. Can you meet us there, please? =/\= Seamus called.

=/\= Kriggson. Sure thing, Lieutenant. What do I need to bring? =/\= was the engineering giant's reply.

=/\= Some recording devices to obtain at least some of the data stored in their computers, plus whatever else you feel you'll need to get the ship under way. If we can secure the ship and get it into orbit, we can then either have a skeleton crew or tow ship bring her back to starbase so we can learn more about the Hirogen technology. What type of phaser are you checked out on? I'll make sure we have one waiting for you in the transporter room. =/\=

=/\= Type 2. I'll bring my basic tool set and little helper. Kriggson out. =/\=

Seamus suited up, grabbed a phaser rifle for himself and a type 2 phaser for Kriggson and headed to the main transporter room.

The giant of an engineer arrived soon enough, carrying various engineering tools on a belt. His long hair was tied back in a simple ponytail, and trailing him was a little robot which resembled a spider or a crab. The body was about eight inches long and four inches wide, with six spindly, segmented legs and two pincer claws in front. It was painted black, with gold viking runes, and seemed smart enough to know to stay out of the way.

"Lieutenant MacDonald. I know I outrank you, but seeing as you're security and I'm engineering I'm going to follow your lead. You're better trained for the type of mission." Odin greeted the other officer. "This is Loki, my little assistant. With your permission he'll go along and act as a set of eyes, and maintain a subspace comm channel with Big H."

Handing the phaser over to Kriggson, Seamus looked up to meet his gaze. "Thank you, sir. Having Loki along will be a good thing, especially for the open comm link. We may need to be pulled out quickly and I'll be glad to have it made easier by your assistant. Taking care of any resistance is as far as my experience takes me. Getting the ship's power back online and getting the ship in orbit is where your experience will come in. Once we secure the ship, WO Hayward and I will dispatch our teams to take up strategic positions to maintain possession of the ship while you and Loki get the ship's power back online and then get her into orbit. If you have any suggestions/recommendations, I'd love to hear them, sir."

"Just get me to main engineering in one piece." Odin smiled, as he took the phaser and holstered it on his tool belt. "We can take things from there. I'll follow your lead though, if you want to beam to somewhere outside engineering that's your call. I defer to your tactical training."

"Works for me, sir." Seamus replied. "As the majority of the people are in or around Engineering, we'll be beaming in close to it. Once we clear Engineering, it should be all down hill from there. We'll leave 2 people with you and then take the rest to clear the rest of the ship."

Having arrived when MacDonald agreed to take on command, Connie nodded in agreement, before making sure Seamus knew that her and her team had arrived. "Apologies it took us a little longer, small problem that took longer to solve than what it should have," she shot Neeson a glare that would curdle milk as it was a missing piece of kit that had held them back.

Seamus took a quick look around the room to see that everyone had arrived. "Ok, folks, the ship layout that we were able to gain from our scans has been forwarded to each of your personal displays. Simply put, our objective is to clear and commandeer the ship to take back for Starfleet Intelligence and Corps of Engineers to learn from so we are in a better position to defend ourselves against the Hirogen. Based on the most recent scans, the majority of those aboard the vessel are either in or near their Main Engineering section, so we will be beaming in near there. This is a good thing as we will be able to clear that area for Lt. Kriggson to start doing what he needs to do to get the ship's power back online to get her into orbit. Once we clear Engineering, we'll have one Tac Officer and one Marine stay with Lt. Kriggson to maintain security of the area so that Lt. Kriggson and Loki can do their thing. WO Hayward, once Engineering is clear, I'd like you and whomever you're taking with you to clear the upper decks and then WO Frenette and I will clear the lower decks. If there are no questions, let's get going." While he was talking, Seamus had moved to the transporter pad. Looking around again, he stepped into position.

"Sounds good to me Lieutenant," Connie replied as she and her men made their way to join Seamus on the transporter pad.

Seamus took another quick look around the transporter pad to ensure everyone was ready. Turning back to the transporter tech, he nodded and said, "Energize, please."

The team had materialized just aft of Engineering. "Phasers on medium stun, everyone. Fan out." Seamus had no sooner set his phaser when a sentry came around the corner. He quickly fired, hitting them in the chest. He moved over to the nearest wall and slowly moved towards Engineering.

Happy to follow the other man's lead, the engineering giant ducked down with his phaser on medium stun setting. He flinched slightly when the firing started and was glad for the Lieutenant's quick trigger finger. Truth be told while Odin did pass basic marksman training, he did so only barely and had hoped to avoid getting in direct firefights. However, now that he found himself in one Odin steeled himself and took a deep breath. This was the situation he was in, and he'd be damned before he let the situation get the better of him.

Loki meanwhile stayed closed behind Odin, making sure not to get underfoot.

At the first sign of fire, the marines stepped into action. Connie made her way along the wall, in front of Odin, sandwiching him him between her and her marines. "McGregor, keep high alert behind us," she whispered to the last person in their line. "Neeson, keep Odin safe."

"Aye Ma'am" came their hushed replies.

Seamus looked over at Frenette. "Take Matthews and skirt right. We'll go left and meet you in Engineering."

Frenette nodded and headed down the corridor to the right with Matthews at her side.

Taking point, Seamus headed left and all but tripped over another Hirogen who was taking aim at the team. Cursing under his breath, he quickly swung his rifle to throw off the other's aim. He moved in just as the Hirogen set his feet and swung. Deftly deflecting the blow. he hit the Hirogen with an upper cut that would take out most opponents. "Bloody hell!" Seamus blurted as his opponent staggered and quickly regained his footing. Throwing down his rifle, he moved in again, taking a right cross to his temple. Shaking off the stars that started floating in front of his eyes, he heeled his side arm and shot the Hirogen.

"With no disrespect to you and your team, Hayward, I think the old saying 'shoot first and ask questions later' may be the way to go." Seamus said as he continued down the hall.

For his part, Odin Kriggson stayed down and followed behind. He did take a few shots of opportunity, lending firepower to the small skirmishes the group encountered, but more in a covering fire manner, perfectly content to let the trained fighters do the brunt of the fighting.

Arriving at Engineering, Seamus stood to one side of the doors as the rest of the team stopped at the other side. "Hayward, once the doors open, clear anyone on the left, I'll take the right." He said as he knelt down. Pressing the open button for the door, Seamus scanned right and took out two Hirogen before they realized the door was open.

Connie nodded at Seamus as he opened the door. As Seamus took out the Hirogen on the left, there was a third on the right who had raised their weapon as he saw his colleagues go down. But before he had a chance to fire at them, Connie had her weapon raised and took him out.

Connie indicated that she would keep left and clear any other Hirogen that may be there or on their way. As she made her way further down the corridor, the marine and her team took down a further three Hirogen before she spoke to Seamus.

=/\= Hayward to MacDonald. We're clear on this side. -/\=

Seamus took out the last of the Hirogen in Engineering. =/\= Clear over here too. =/\= He replied before meeting up with everyone.

"Ok, folks, it's time we split up and clear the rest of the ship. Lt. Kriggson, this is where you and Loki work your magic and get the ship up and running. McGregor and Mathews, please round up all the Hirogen we've stunned on this deck and secure them. Once that's done, take up posts to ensure Lt. Kriggson's safety. Neeson and Frenette, start down Deck 15 and work your way up, securing any Hirogen you come across as you go. Hayward, you and I will do the same, only starting up on Deck 1 and working our way down. At this point in time, we are only to secure the Hirogen crew. Once the ship is in orbit, what we do with the crew is up to Captain Warrington." Seamus made eye contact with each team member. "Are there any questions?"

"No questions. And, thanks for the cover, Lieutenant. It's much appreciated." The Engineering giant offered with a nod, holstering his phaser. Distasteful, uncivilized business, all that fighting.

Connie's men looked to her for reassurance at taking commands from Seamus. When she gave them her nod of "do what he says or else", the men quickly followed their orders. Making sure her men were going in the right direction, Connie then followed Seamus to Deck 1 to begin their search for any more Hirogen on the vessel.

"Loki with me. Sound an alarm if you detect Hirogen life signs in the area." Odin mused, stepping in to engineering. The little bit bleeped in acknowledgement, following his owner in. Odin didn't waste time, heading straight for the Hirogen equivalent of the pool table, there to start working on restoring the power, and working out whether the ship had been powered down cleanly and purposely, or there was some power outage and damage.

The first hurdle to overcome though was the fact that Odin couldn't read Hirogen script. This was easily solved though. "Loki, check Hephaistos database for a Hirogen dictionary. Confirm if you can find one, then download."

The bot bleeped in acknowledgement, bleeping the same affirmitive again a few seconds later. Dictionary found and downloaded.

At that the large engineer picked the small bot up and held it where it could see the terminal, so the bot could see the interface. "Translate and project the translation over the interface." Odin commanded.

Another bleep as the small bot activated its holoprojector, overlaying a translated version of the interface over the existing one.

"Alright, lets get this show on the road." Murmured the engineer, as he set about his task. It was a bit awkward, having only one hand free while the other held up Loki.

The next hurdle came in the form of a password screen, locking Odin out of the main system. He considered this for a moment, then started rummaging around the Hirogen pool table, eventually finding a small paper note stuck to the bottom of it, with Hirogen scribbling on it. He tried inputting the phrase into the terminal, which flashed up green and switched to a regular control interface.

"Mmm. Good. We're running on emergency power, main core is offline." he muttered, talking to himself as he hunted around for a diagnostic function. Finding one he activated it. "This is going to take a few moments." he sighed, taking this opportunity to do a quick visual inspection of the space. A few deceased Hirogen lay on the ground, but he paid them no mind, stepping over them as he worked.

The technology was alien, but built on the same principles that the Federation used, that Kriggson was familiar with. A matter-antimatter reactor, currently offline, would power a fairly rudimentary form of warp drive. The technology was behind that of the federation, compensating for their lack of finesse with raw, brute force.

The console bleeped and voiced a Hirogen phrase, one that Loki translated as 'Diagnostic complete'. No faults found, all systems ready. It confirmed what Odin had predicted, that the ship had been put into an emergency shutdown, and that they had had no time to properly sabotage the core. Which made things easier for him.

Looking over the list of available systems, Odin mentally made a list of what order to activate them in. Containment, check. Cooling. Power distribution. Doublecheck containment. Main core. Ship's computer. Navigation. Engines. It was quite a task, working on systems he wasn't familiar with, but extensive knowledge of the principles behind them saw him through.

=/\= Kriggson to MacDonald. The ship was in emergency shutdown. I'm reactivating it now, to the best of my ability. I think I can get us basic navigation and warp travel, possibly shields. =/\=

=/\= Excellent news, Lt., thank you. We're almost done clearing the ship. Once we're done, we'll head back up to the bridge. When we get there, we'll essentially just need the helm and main viewer up and anything tactical you can give us, with you keeping an eye on Main Engineering and Hayward and I up on the bridge, we should have no problem getting this bird into orbit. =/\= MacDonald replied.

=/\= Should be navigable in about ten minutes, maybe a few more. Weapons will take a while longer if you want them, but we're going to need more manpower to operate them. =/\=

=/\= Sounds good. =/\= Seamus replied.

=/\= MacDonald to Frenette, how are coming down there? =/\=

=/\= We've cleared down here, sir. =/\= Came the quick reply.

=/\= Thank you, please head to Engineering and await further instruction. =/\= Seamus finished.

"Hayward, I'll man the Tac station. Are you or one of your crew ok with taking the helm?" Seamus asked as he turned towards Connie.

"Not a problem, it may be a bit bumpy to begin with, but we'll get her and us to the Mighty H in one piece" Connie replied with a small laugh, making light of their situation.

Over the course of the next fifteen minutes, systems slowly started coming online. A cold boot was always a lengthy procedure, it was far from just flipping a switch and have everything working. Especially on an alien ship. Odin counted himself lucky that it was as easy as it was and he didn't have to go rummaging around Hirogen computers to bypass security settings or fix sabotaged hardware.

=/\= Odin to McDonald. We should have navigation and shields now. I'm going to stay down here to ensure nothing goes catastrophically wrong. Tell your pilot to take it easy, we're still dealing with alien tech and I'm only moderately confident everything's working as it should. =/\=

=/\= Thank you, Lt. We'll do our best. =/\=

"Ok, Hayward, let's get into orbit so we can all go home." MacDonald said as he kept an eye on both the internal and short range sensors.

"Hold on boys. It's been a while and it's an alien ship so it may get a little bumpy." With that, Connie began to search for the right controls to start moving the ship into orbit. Once she had successfully done that, she began to ease the ship into impulse. As the ship began gaining speed, Connie relaxed and started to get comfortable with the ship.

Setting the co-ordinates for Hephaistos, Connie turned to crew "Shouldn't be long boys." =/\= how are the systems holding up, Kriggson? =/\=

=/\= So far so good. I'm keeping the core at sixty percent output, don't wanna stress her when I don't know the emergency procedures. Cooling systems green across the board. She's a tricky gal to balance, but as long as you feather the throttle and ease on the yoke we should be good. =/\= came Kriggson's reply.

=/\= Roger that =/\= Connie replied. "We should be able to request permission for standing orbit with the Mighty H shortly," she added whilst looking at her control panel trying to work out where they were in terms of the Hephaistos.

Looking over the readings that were coming in, Seamus was happy to see that the only company they had was the Mighty H. "Well done, everyone. Thank you all for your efforts. The brass will be happy with what we are bringing them. The Corps of Engineer's will be busy for a while with this ship." He said.

=/\= MacDonald to Hephaistos, we're good to go and will meet you in orbit momentarily. =/\=


WO Connie Hayward
Marine CO

Lt. Odin Kriggson

Lt(jg) Seamus MacDonald Jr.


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