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"Medical Emergency"

Posted on 20/05/2017 @ 8:49pm by Lieutenant JG Addison Ellis Dr. [PNPC]
Edited on on 20/05/2017 @ 9:17pm

Mission: Frontier Searches
Location: Primary Sickbay
Timeline: During Hirogen Engagement

Denkar was a huge man. He stood almost six feet five inches tall and was broad-shouldered He was green, almost teal in color. It was unclear what his species was, perhaps at some distant time in the past, it had been part of the Orions. The boy beside him was almost a full foot shorter than the man that was either supporting or keeping from escaping, it was hard to say. His blond hair which had at one time looked like ripe wheat now looked like straw. He was shirtless and looked a bit malnourished, though there was some musculature in his thin frame.

There was a large bruise on his face a dark greenish black in color, about the size of an old Terran fifty-cent piece and his left eye was swollen shut. His one open eye kept glimpsing up at the tall green man with something akin to fear.

Addison had been seeing to the remainder of the crew who needed their medicals checked off when she received the call into primary sickbay. Leaving one of her staff to complete the medical she was currently doing, she headed to the sickbay as fast as she could as all the information she had received was that a casualty was arriving - she didn't know what state she would find the boy in.

Arriving at sickbay, she quickly caught a glimpse of the boy - a species she either couldn't identify due to the boy's injuries or from him being a lesser known species. Quickly gathering herself together, Addison addressed the boy and his companion.

"Firstly, let's get him onto the biobed so I can begin initial scans. Secondly, tell me all that you know about what happened to him, and I need any and all details about this boy - name, species etc," there was a sense of urgency in her voice as she got the boy onto the biobed and started her primary scans on him.

"He doesn't know his name," the man said roughly, "he's a might stupid maybe even touched in the head, he won't even talk that's why we're giving him over to ya, we can't deal with him anymore. I'm not sure what species he is, we rescued him from a planetoid not far from here and he was injured, like this. I'm sure you're facilities can help."

The boy made a low growling noise in the back of his throat. Then he said something. It took the universal translator a few seconds to put the words into Standard. "I'm Rana, I'm not stupid. He did this to me. And he did it because I fought him. He wanted to hurt me in a bad way. I heard him in my head, I knew what he wanted to do."

The man looked shocked that Rana had said anything and for the moment he didn't have any response.

Trying to remain as calm as she could, Addison spoke softly to the boy. "Rana, my name is Dr. Ellis and I'm going to get you patched up in no time. Now, I just need my nurse to check something for me quickly. Nurse?"

One sickbays nurses came to the door. Addison gestured to her to pick up a padd and read the message she was typing. "Get security on standby. I'm unsure about the boy's companion."

"Right, now that that's sorted, let me take a look at these scans," Addison said, purposefully avoiding what Rana had said about the man. "From the initial scans Rana it looks like you'll be with us for a little awhile, but it's nothing that we can't handle here. For now, though, Mr... Sorry I didn't catch your name?"

"My name is Denkar," he said, "but you can't believe the boy. He doesn't know what he's talking about."

"Mister Denkar, I'm going to have to ask you to step out for a bit. I need to do some more tests that only medical personnel are allowed in for."

The large man took a few steps, towards her, his turning a darker green as he advanced towards her. "Human," he spat out, "bitch, I know what you're doing, you're believing this brat over me. He's only spinning this story because he wanted me, he's the trog, not me."

Not one to be easily intimidated, Addison held her ground. Speaking in a firm voice she responded "Mister Denkar, I am just trying to do my job - to care for my patient. At this moment in time, you are NOT my patient. However, keep going the way you are and my security team will make sure that you are!" Addison waited to see what Denkar's next move would be before she decided to call security or not.

"Run your tests," the large man said, "I'll just be going back to my ship now."

The words caused Rana to visibly relax, if just a bit, but his eyes still darted furtively around the room.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Addison turned back to Rana. "Rana, you're safe here now, nothing and no one will harm you, and I'll talk you through any procedures that we'll do. If you don't mind, I'd like to give you a hypospray to send you to sleep so that you'll feel no discomfort as we work on you. Is that alright with you?"

He gave her a long look then nodded his head, 'Okay," he agreed, "just promise I'll be okay and I won't have to see him or anyone from that ship again."

"You have my word. Denkar will be seen to his ship by our security, and we'll make sure no one sees you in sickbay without your permission," Addison said to Rana with a reassuring pat to his arm. She got the hypospray ready and went to administer it to Rana.

"You'll feel a baby pinch and some drowsiness before eventually falling into a deep sleep. When we've finished, we'll bring you around slowly."

Rana nodded though he continued to hold her gaze apprehensively, still not sure if he was now in an even worse position than he had been before.

Addison administered the hypospray and Rana was asleep in no time. Now that her patient was sedated, she could fully examine his scan results and fully see the damage done to the boy. Broken bones and some internal bleeding and bruising. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, however, it did raise concern for the doctor as to what actually happened the boy on the other ship.

It wasn't her job to investigate, but Addison knew she would have to prepare a full report and make sure the situation was investigated, whilst also securing a safe place for Rana to rest and stay.

Moving back to her patient, Addison began setting bones back in to place and preparing the things needed to fix his internal bleeding. If here were no complications, it was something that could be completed within a few hours.

********A few hours later********

"Alright nurse, that should be him fixed up, thanks for your assistance," Addison said to her nurse as she finished the last stitch in Rana's side. The internal bleeding was relatively easy to fix, however the boys spleen proved problematic and required a small incision to remove.

Completing her post-op checks, Addison was satisfied with Rana's stats. They were on the low side of normal for a Human, however as Rana wasn't Human, and Addison didn't know his species, she assumed for now that the boy was at least stable.

When she was happy with her checks and stats, Addison's nurse asked did she want the hypo spray given to Rana to bring him round again.

"Not now nurse," she replied softly. "The boy seems to have been through a lot and needs time to rest. We'll bring him round in the morning."

Rana's body needed the rest, just as the doctor had surmised. But his sleep was fitful. He was dreaming, his subconscious still dealing with everything that had happened.

The dream started out pleasantly enough, he was home. It may not have been much, but it was still his home. At first, when he spotted the ion trail, he'd been overjoyed. He was being rescued. After all this time of being my himself, with no one else to talk to and only the ship's somewhat limited library for entertainment, he was going to be around real people. It had been so long, he wasn't sure what to do, but he didn't mind the challenge.

But, these men hadn't come to rescue him, they'd come to exploit the small planetoid. They saw him as a threat and hunted him when he went to investigate. They threw him into a cargo hold and barely fed him for days. He didn't understand their language, but he could read their thoughts. He knew what they were trying to do, break him. They wanted to sell him as a slave. He was a pretty boy and once he was broken, once he was compliant, then they were going to clean him up and make a nice proift from him. He'd be put into a brothel and becomes some deviant's play thing, a different deviant every night, or maybe more than once a night.

But, no matter how much they beat him, he continued to be defiant, to try to fight back. So, Denkar had come up with his own solution. He would have carried it out too if the ship had not come under attack. They'd decided to cut their losses and just get rid of him.

********The Next Morning********

After a restless night's sleep worrying about the boy of the unknown species in sick bay, Addison returned to work the next morning earlier than her shift.

"Dr Ellis, you're not due in for another two hours. What on earth brought you in at this time - I've no word of any emergencies..." the night doctor tailed off as Addison walked straight to lift the padd with Rana's notes on it.

"I'm concerned about our Humanoid that came in yesterday. I've never seen his species so I can't tell what is normal for him. Has there been any trouble during the night?"

"None Dr Ellis. Some restless turning in his sleep so I gave him a small dose of sedative to relax him again, and there was no bother since."

"He seemed to have been through a lot on the ship he was on before he got brought here, which would explain the restlessness."

"Should we bring him round so we can get him talking to security about his injuries? We shouldn't let whoever did this to him get away with it."

"Not now. I'll stay here and you can go early. I want to monitor him and see if he's dreaming about whatever happened."

"Very well," said the night doctor, and he started to get ready to leave.

Rana stirred restlessly and his eyes fluttered open. "Where, where am I?" he asked.

Addison saw the signs of the boy beginning to stir and went to him. "You're in the sickbay," Addison began softly. "You're safe and will make a full recovery." This last bit was something Addison was unsure of, she didn't know how his humanoid body would heal.

He looked up at her, his eyes were larger than hers, or most humanoid eyes, they appeared feral, more like a Terran cat. His head was still, but those eyes were darting around. "Why are you lying? he asked her.

Addison knew better than to argue with Rana that he was wrong. She tried her best to reassure him "Rana, you're in a place where no one will hurt or will bring you any harm. All we want to do is see you get better."

"No," the boy replied, "that's not what I meant. You're not lying about my being safe, or that you're trying to hurt me. You were lying about the chances of my recovery."

"Why would I lie to you about making a full recovery?" Addison asked, starting to get concerned about the boy.

"Because you're siding with them ," Rana replied looking even more agitated.

"Rana, I promise you that we are doing all that we can to aid your recovery, the best that we can. For now though I think you need some more rest so I'm going to give you this hypo-spray with a relaxant in it along with some sleep medication." Addison tried to reassure him in her best soothing voice, but it was having little effect on Rana.

"No! No, please don't do tha...." Rana tried to argue against the nurse as she administered the hypo-spray and Rana swiftly started to feel the effects, and went back to sleep.

"Thank-you nurse. I want him monitored 24/7, even if that means calling in an extra aid to do it. I want full recordings of his sleep movements as I think this is going to be a difficult case to predict what will happen next," Addison ordered quietly to the nurse.

"Yes Doctor. We'll have a full report the next time you check in."

**********To Be Continued**********


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