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Lieutenant JG Addison Ellis

Name Addison Ellis Dr. [PNPC]

Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 135lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Average womanly build with an hourglass figure. One downside is her slightly larger bust which tends to attract the wrong sort of male attention.


Spouse (Reginald) Paxton Anderson (Engaged)
Children None
Father Greg Ellis
Mother Marriette Delacour
Brother(s) Joseph Ellis
Other Family Sister-in-law Layla Ellis, Paternal grandparents Donald and Lilian Ellis. Maternal grandparents: Isabeau and Christophe Delacour

Personality & Traits

General Overview Her caring nature ensures that she not only has a pleasant bedside manner, but is also gentle and caring in all aspects of her working and personal life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Her thirst for knowledge allows her to read and pick up new information quickly, which is useful when treating a new/rare disease or ailment.
Weaknesses: She can sometimes think she is capable of handling more than she can and can be reluctant to hand over cases to other doctors, especially those which she feels she could learn from.
Ambitions To one day be Chief Medical Officer on a Starfleet ship where she can continue her love of treating all species and ailments.
Hobbies & Interests When she hasn't got her head buried in old medical journals, Addison loves to frequent coffee shops and sample all the different types of coffee from across the galaxy.

Personal History Addison grew up in town in the South-East of England where her parents had settled some years before the birth of her and her brother. She spent most of her childhood summers in France, seeing her mother’s side of the family, and this enabled her to pick up the language and be able to speak it fluently from a young age.
Going through a rebellion phase during her exam years, Addison struggled to get the grades she needed and was capable of in her final exams, and therefore left school at the age of 16 having just about achieved the necessary passes needed without having to do any resits.
Getting to much to handle for them, her parents sent her to live in France with her maternal grandparents soon after she finished her exams, where she bounced from job to job for a couple of years. Starting to get bored of the usual shop assistant jobs she was working, at 18 she came across a nanny position for a family close to her grandparents house. Having barely looked after herself, Addison learnt quickly how to look after the family’s 5 children ranging from 9 months to 12 years old. Looking after the children was the making of Addison and she felt that she had found her calling - she wanted to be a doctor. Once the youngest started nursery a couple of days a week, Addison began studying for the grades she needed to get into college to allow her to sit the exams needed for medical school. She studied around looking after the children, and accepted her place at a medical school in England when she was 20. The family she worked for were very understanding and supportive of her education, though sad to see her leave, they welcomed her back to France during any of her holidays where she spent her time helping to look after the children once again.
When her initial degree finished Addison had a tough decision to make - where would she choose to finish of her training, France or England. After applying and failing to get any of the placements in her preferred hospitals in France, she finally accepted a position in a small general hospital. After a few years here, her training was complete and she began working full time as a fully qualified doctor. However, this still didn’t seem enough for Addison anymore, who had found a thirst for learning.
After a year into her first “proper” job, Addison began to explore other areas of medicine she hadn’t studied before, and came across Starfleet Medical. The more she looked into it, the more she got excited about the opportunities that came with it and so, at 26, she sent her application off. As she had her human training behind her, Addison was able to go through her training in 2 years compared to the usual 3, and just before her 30th birthday, she passed her final exams and training, allowing her to go out and serve in the real world.
Addison’s first post as a Starfleet Doctor was on Starbase 218. The base and the medical facility itself were in need of much needed repair and refurbishment when she arrived, however she and the rest of the medical team were able to get by with the facilities and gear they had until the repairs and upgrades were complete.
Shortly after her arrival on 218, Addison met Paxton, a Diplomatic Officer. The 2 hit it off immediately and not long after were exclusively seeing each other. After another short time, they knew things were serious between them and moved in together. Both were happy at their current situation, and Addison loved her job at being able to treat and learn about different species, whlist playing the trophy partner of Paxton when his job required it..
One day, shortly before her celebration of 4 years on the base, Paxton took her out to dinner, and proposed, to which Addison happily accepted. Her family (being on earth) had never met Paxton and his family had never met her. After some brief discussion, Paxton agreed to let Addison organise and hold the wedding on earth, as both were due some annual leave from 218. Dates were decided upon, transport was arranged when Paxton found out about a position on board the USS Hephaistos. Addison knew that he missed the thrill of being on a ship compared to a base, but also knew he wouldn’t go without her. Although she would miss her job and friends on the base, Addison told Paxton to accept the position on “The Mighty H” and all wedding plans were put on hold for their new adventure.
Service Record 2379:Begins Doctor training on Earth
2385:Completes Doctor training on Earth
2385:Begins working full time in small hospital on earth
2386:Begans medical training at Starfleet Medical
2388:Completes medical training at Starfleet Medical
2388: Began working on Starbase 218 as a Doctor
2392: Transferred to USS Hephaistos