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Warrant Officer Constance (Connie) Hayward

Name Constance (Connie) Hayward

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 54kg
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Small and slender, but doesn’t take away from the core strength she has that helps her with endurance. Distinct freckles visible on the cheeks on her face


Spouse None
Children None
Father Gilbert
Mother Josephine (Deceased)
Brother(s) Neville, Percival, Laurence, Edmund, Shermon, Theodore
Sister(s) Prudence (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly and at times motherly nature that make her approachable. Be wary of catching her on little sleep and empty stomach as she will take no prisoners in her temper if caught on an off day. When she was younger, she was determined to prove and show off that she was capable of anything but after her many years in service, now knows she is more than capable to successfully achieve any task set to her, without showing off any fancy shooting skills.
Strengths & Weaknesses strength: Her determination means that she won’t give up without a fight.

weaknesses: Her small body/physique in comparison to many of her fellow marines and enemy means she is often overlooked as being as a good/tough fighter and is treated like she will be the first to fal
Ambitions Whilst for now she is happy to have worked her way up to her present position, she eventually one day wants to work her way up (on her own merit) to XO where she feels she can then decide whether she wants to move further up the ranks or not.
Hobbies & Interests Has been known to spend many a day on the family shooting range where she learned to control her trigger happy finger.

Personal History Born into a well off family in Ireland, Connie is the youngest by 10 years of 8 children. She was born as a disappointment to her parents as she was a girl. Most parents would have been thrilled at the thought of having a daughter, but not the Haywards. They had just lost their eldest child, their only daughter Prudence and felt she was irreplaceable. This provided a fighting spirit in Connie from a young age in which she felt determined to prove herself on the same level if not better as her older brothers. Her brothers, having attended the best elite all boys school in Ireland had all gone on to successfully graduate with top degrees and were now all in military service across the world. (the idea of going to starfleet was “simply preposterous”) This is perhaps where Connie’s wanting to be a marine started. Being surrounded by boys toys, she was never interested in being domestic goddess, or going into a nursing/medicine. Ever since she was little and attended her eldest brother’s passing out parade she knew she wanted to be a military career. However it wasn’t until her travels around Ireland learning about their various independence battles from the 19th Century onwards that she first discovered Starfleet Marines. It so happened that a hostel she was staying in was owned and run by a husband and wife who had all 4 of their children go into the marines. The couple were intrigued to find a young woman interested in a military career that they shared their story of putting up a fight against their middle child (their only daughter) who wanted to go into the military. Connie was blown away by the fact that the girl had simply left her family behind and attended the starfleet Marine Academy.

Returning home from her travels, Connie secretly looked into applying for the Marine Academy, behind her parents backs, who were currently looking at prestigious nursing schools for Connie to attend that Autumn. Connie however, being blown away with the Marine Academy’s training facilities, and opportunities, instantly applied for admission at the next take in, at the tender age of 18.

Having appalled her parents even further after informing them she was leaving home, unmarried, to go to “that out-landish-one-way-ticket-to-suicide” Connie also told her parents that even after her 3 years at the Academy, she would not be returning home, ever again if she could help it.
While at the Academy, she surprised everybody with her shooting skills, as her prim and proper nature implied she had never held a gun in her life, let alone be able to shoot so accurately. While her body size let her down in some of the more ‘bigger body required’ type tasks set in survival skills, her determined nature led her to keep trying until she successfully passed each set. In her final year, she failed her final exams due to the loss of her mother back home. But as she had shown great progress from the beginning of her training, she was granted permission to re-sit her third year, on the basis that any previous achievements, such as her highest score in shooting, were to be removed from her, and that all test scores would have to re-achieved or even bettered than the previous year. Taking the task on board, Connie put her head down and excelled in her exams, gaining back her highest shooting score and even setting a new fastest time for a young female trainee marine in the endurance survival test.

After leaving the Academy she was posted on the USS Jupiter at the rank of Lance Corporal, a Nebula class whose hanger pod had been turned into a Marine Garrison. Having been there for some time, Connie had picked up the skills she needed in order to gain a promotion. But having been judged against her extra year in the Academy (for which nobody had ever asked her why) younger “newer” ranks were gaining her promotions over her. Over the course of 7 years, a time which would have seen most people progress to the rank of Sergeant at least, Connie had only managed to climb the ladder to the rank of Lance Corporal. Annoyed at having to explain away the extra year and after being rejected for what felt like the hundredth time Connie finally applied for transfer from the USS Jupiter.

Leaving USS Jupiter for “The Mass” was the making of Connie. Once she arrived on board, she was immediately treated on her achievements rather than what had happened in the past at the Academy. She gradually worked towards her ambition of one day being XO as she worked her way through the ranks whilst on “The Mass.”

Whilst she had many an away mission, one of her most notable times on “The Mass” happened on her second day as Master Gunnery Sergeant, where she had to lead a team of Marines to a planet they had stopped on a year before, on a rescue mission for a missing person. However, this person wasn’t just any mission person, this person was the son of the High Priestess of the planet, and had been captured by enemy pirates for want of a better word. The enemy had captured the son and taken him to a secret bunker where they were hiding in waiting for their shuttle ship to come and collect them. Connie and her team were able to intercept their comms system and locate the bunker, but were met by enemies soldiers, waiting to disarm and capture them. Shooting commenced which resulted in two dead soldiers and several injured on the enemies, with 2 severe casualties on Connie’s team. With the enemy disabled, and most of her team on their way back to their shuttle, Connie and 3 of her remaining team successfully disabled the final 4 guards keeping the Priestess’ son hostage, and were able to return him, somewhat unharmed, to his mother a few hours later.

Although there were away missions which involved danger and high adrenaline rushes, Connie also enjoyed the odd time where she got to accompany an away team to a planet, where all she simply had to do was escort those in command to and from the shuttle, whilst also enjoy the many lovely views and different terrains of each planet.

As her 5 year tour on board started to come to an end, Connie started looking for what her next adventure could be. After 12 years in service, she had gotten quiet the bug for security work after being involved in instances where she had to board enemy ships in search of missing people or artefacts and the many times she had to help defend “The Mass” from being boarded by enemy species. As she was seeking her next thrill-seeking assignment, the opportunity came up for her to apply to be on board the USS Hephaistos. Not one to shy away from confrontation of enemy species, the USS Hephaistos’ mission plan attracted Connie immediately and she had her application sent to the CO within a matter of hours.

Within a matter of days of her application being accepted, she was travelling through the catapult on her way to rendezvous with the rest of the “Mighty H” crew at the Iota Command Facility in the Delta Quadrant.

Service Record Starfleet Marine Academy - 2376 - 2379: Failed Final Year
Starfleet Marine Academy - 2379 - 2380: Final Year Resit - Passed
USS Jupiter - 2380 - 2387: Lance Corporal
USS Massachusetts - 2387: Lance Corporal
USS Massachusetts - 2387 - 2392: Promoted through the years to the rank of Sergeant Major
USS Hephaistos- 2392: Sergeant Major