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Ensign Krystel Villanova

Name Krystel Anna-Marie Villanova

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6”
Weight 144 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Dark Violet
Physical Description She stands 5'6” and has the body of a dancer. She keeps her red hair at shoulder length and dark violet eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father (Adopted) Micheal Villanova
Mother (Adopted) Jessica Villanova
Brother(s) (Adopted) Jason, Micheal Jr., Simon
Sister(s) (Adopted) Melissa, Zoe

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses ( + ) Highly Intelligent (Not a genius)
( + ) Graceful
( + ) Hard Working
( - ) Birth defect (Unable to produce the Orion female Mind Controlling Pheromones)
( - ) Hyperthymia (
( - ) Workaholic
Ambitions To get the command of her own ship
Hobbies & Interests Dancing; Singing (Professional); Reading; Medieval Holo Programs; Horseback Riding; Acrobatics; Gymnastics

Languages : Orion, Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan, Nausicaan

Personal History She was adopted by Micheal and Jessica Villanova when she was born. Her father is a retired prison guard and her mother is a happy homemaker. Her mother wouldn't let any of her children a moment to goof around. They all had their choirs to do, and all had a physical sport to do. Also they all where trained in a martial art.

She trained hard with gymnastics and acrobatics. She enjoyed this activity, but she then discovered dance and song when her parents took her to church.

She worked hard in school, her favorite subject was science. She took her gymnastics and became the head of the school's cheerleaders. It was during her school days that her mother became concerned for her daughters health. She started to notice that she was sleeping very little and seemed to have a string of boyfriends and girlfriends.

When she graduated from high school she went and enrolled into Starfleet Academy. She failed the entrance exam. Then the next chance she had, she studied hard but still failed the exam. Then by the off chance she took the Enlisted personnel test and past that.

She was disappointed that she wasn't an officer, but was told that she could attend the OCS if she was a model crewmen. So she put her mind to her work in the Academy. She went for Science and past her classes. When she graduated she was the second in her class.

Her first posting was to the USS Kitty Hawk as a Science Tech. Her duties where not glamorous but she worked hard at what she was assigned. After two years of hard work her Commanding Officer put in a recommendation for her to attend the Officer Candidacy School.

She past this and was awarded her officer's rank, then she was transferred to the USS Yankee Clipper. She served on this ship for a year into this tour when the ship was crippled by subspace mines and attacked by an organized band of pirates. They where able to beat off the pirates, but not with out the lost of the ship's Captain and most of the Command staff.

It took the Yankee Clipper almost three weeks, limping on emergency power, to get within communications range of another Starship. She was reassigned after the ship made port.

Her next posting was to Starbase Deep Space 10, as the Assistant Chief Science Officer. She spent her time running experiments, but she also spent time brushing up on her command protocols and took a few lessons in Flight Control, First Aid and Engineering. She was only on the station for almost a year and a half before she was transferred to the USS Hephaistos as her Chief Science Officer.
Service Record 2385 – 2387 Academy
2387 – 2389 USS Kitty Hawk
2389.0 - 2389.6 OCS
2389.6 – 2390.6 USS Yankee Clipper
2390.6 – 2392.0 Starbase Deep Space 10
2392 - 2392 USS Hephaistos