USS Hephaistos - aut viam inveniam aut faciam

The USS Hephaistos (The Mighty H to her crew) was named after the Greek Olympic God of fire, smiths, craftsmen, metalworking, stonemasonry and sculpture. This state of the art Ascension class vessel is just at home in a firefight as she is scanning cosmic anomalies or developing and producing new tech on the go. Her motto is by the old earth General Hannibal "aut viam inveniam aut faciam" - I will find a way or make one.

Given her size and scale The Mighty H falls into a very unique category of starship where much like the galaxy glass of vessels she has a big capacity for civilians. So whether you are looking to fly the biggest ship in the fleet, handle the engineering quirks of the most advanced technology or start up your own club the help the masses of sweaty Starfleet personnel relax the USS Hephaistos is the place you.

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Latest News Items

» Happy New year

Posted on 03/01/2018 @ 6:13pm by Captain James Warrington in General News

Happy new year folk. I hope you've had a good holidays and are ready to get back too it. Since we are back at Iota I'm going to give us another month for character building posts. I'd like you all to do at least 2 posts focusing on our characters hobbies, even meeting some new crew.


» Silver Sim of the Month

Posted on 08/07/2017 @ 2:11pm by Captain James Warrington in Sim Announcement

Hi Folks,

A big congrats to you all for last month. We were awarded the Silver Sim of the Month award. After a great push last month lets push on for another good month :D

Captain James Warrington

» Halfway Update

Posted on 15/06/2017 @ 5:39pm by Captain James Warrington in General News

Hi folks. Quick update for you all. No1 is that our TF has a map now and so hopefully it'll give you some context. It'll be linked below. Our task force also now has its own discord aside from the fleet to allow us as a crew and also our neighboring ships to liaise better. As a crew we will also use this as the Hephaistos discord.

From a H stand point we've had a good start and hopefully this big post will be done soon. It's at this point I must also inform you all of the departure of our Chief Engineering Officer who has fallen to something called 'real life'. In all seriousness we wish him all the best of luck and hopefully will see him again.

Captain Warrington

TF37 Map:

» Mid Monthly Update

Posted on 17/05/2017 @ 1:28am by Captain James Warrington in General News

Hi folks!

Glad to see pretty much everyone hanging around and with our new face we've hit the ground running with the new website. I know theres a lot of posts in the works so lets keep them moving and make sure we hit our goals for this month. Any plot ideas feel free to run them past me. Side missions are good!


» Welcome!

Posted on 13/05/2017 @ 9:29am by Captain James Warrington in General News

A warm welcome to our new Chief Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Celina. I absolutely have not been plotting...

Captain James Warrington

Latest Mission Posts

» First assignment

Mission: Frontier Searches
Posted on 19/01/2018 @ 1:52am by Ensign Sanel Nex

The newly commissioned Science Officer couldn't have been more proud of himself. Ensign Sanel Nex was a last minuet transfer to the USS Hephaistos and this ship was huge. He had already gotten lost twice trying to find his quarters. Sanel was nervous, but the one thing he could remember…

» New assignments

Mission: Frontier Searches
Posted on 07/01/2018 @ 7:20pm by Lieutenant JG Un'nara & Ensign Simon Hunter

The newly stationed Junior Grade Lieutenant hadn't bee aboard her new assignment. However she had taken the time to meet with her new Commanding Officer and was rather impressed with him so far. The Engineer was also rather impressed with he Hephaistos the sheer size of the vessel was enough…

» The Chat

Mission: Frontier Searches
Posted on 07/01/2018 @ 9:55am by Ensign Simon Hunter & Ensign Isobella Greer

After leaving the Captain, Simon had accepted the position of Assistant Chief Engineer and now that some of the responsibility for a department had gone, he could relax. As he continued down the corridor he spotted the one person he didn’t want to see; Ensign Greer. After all these past…

» What have I done wrong

Mission: Frontier Searches
Posted on 07/01/2018 @ 12:57am by Captain James Warrington & Ensign Simon Hunter


Simon had been in the main Strat ops office writing up his mission report so far which included the battle report and the report that had Lieutenant Reed's name in his bad graces after the Lieutenant failed to follow Simon's directions, However; he did follow his own agenda and…

» Bolian boarding

Mission: Frontier Searches
Posted on 06/01/2018 @ 11:41pm by Captain James Warrington & Lieutenant JG Un'nara

The Bolian Engineer had been given a few days leave once she had arrived in the Delta Quadrant. The blue skinned woman strolled through the hall of the station and wondered how things had been for the Federation since they reentered the quadrant. Of course she wasn't given access to…